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5 Incredibly Easy Ways To Gain More YouTube Subscribers

Updated on May 7, 2020

Take Viral Challenges

  • In the past year, challenges have been useful in helping people raise awareness and attract more followers.
  • If you heard about the Mannequin challenge or the ALS ice bucket challenge, then you know exactly how popular challenges are on social media.
  • If you are serious about gaining more followers, you must be ready to put yourself out there by taking part in these fun challenges and posting them on your social media page.
  • Your willingness to compete with others and take part in challenges will make you more admirable among your peers. Challenges also attract many people, some of which may end up following your page.

Here are a list of fun challenges you can do to get started.

Answer Tag Questions

  • Tag questions are a list of interesting questions you can answer about yourself and about another person.
  • On social media, people only know as much as you tell them or show them. Answering questions about yourself can help people discover more about your person.
  • Tag Questions are the most effective way of answering helping people find out more about you. There are different types of tag questions, but the most popular ones are the 20 question tags and most likely to tags.

Here is a website that has a list of interesting tag questions you can answer on your page.

Teach something you know

  • This is the most reliable way to increase your social media following.
  • Teaching something you know helps people solve problems. As a millennial, you might think you have nothing to teach but that isn't entirely accurate.
  • There are many things you can teach; from fashion and style to DIYs, cooking and shopping among others.
  • For instance, if people always compliment your makeup, you can record a video that shows how you do your makeup.

Here is a great guide that can help you teach effectively on YouTube.

Write for blogs and/or magazines

  • Writing is another effective way of increasing your social media following.
  • If you have a knack for stringing words together in a way that makes it appealing to read, then you should definitely use this strategy.
  • You can start by guest posting and writing for whichever decent blog or magazine will accept your work.
  • Eventually, you will start getting featured in popular magazines or blogs, and this will improve your popularity in the right circles. So much that you can begin to charge for your work or even start your own blog.

Here is a great guide on freelance writing and guest blogging.

Feature on a Popular YouTube Page

  • Rather than hustling on your own, you can rely on people with large social media following to introduce you to their audience.
  • For example, if you have a YouTube page, you can ask popular YouTubers to feature you on their page.
  • If you can get 3-5 people to feature you consistently on their page, expect some of their followers to follow your page as well.
  • This strategy is regularly used by creatives when launching a new product. For example, an author can feature on several podcasts or radio interviews to talk about her new book.

Here is a great guide on the benefits of guest vlogging.


If you follow any of these strategies, expect your page to gain more followers consistently. By the end of the year, you will be glad you took these steps.

Now, when you share something or ask for something, rather than just speaking to yourself, you will have an audience waiting for your next updates.

Remember, it is supposed to be fun, if it becomes a hassle, don’t force it.


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