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Easy way for Backup and restore your Skype chat history

Updated on November 14, 2017

Well guess what? We are back to help you one more time.

Skype supports Voice calling, Video Calling and instant messaging services. In case of Video call you need to decide it before you start making Video call and record it with plenty of tools available in market. You don’t have to worry about the instant messages sessions as Skype archives all the chat sessions in your local machine.But for people like me who always believes in taking backups at regular intervals of every important stuff always proves handy. Let’s discuss further how to restore and take backup on Skype.

Backup Skype Chat History

The following steps are specific to Windows 7 operating system, but it would be very easy to find the path on other operating systems too.

Step: 1 Browse to the following location in your system (replace “UserName” with your Windows name).C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Skype
Step 2:

Look for the folder that is name of your Skype account you’re using and copy that folder (Ctl+C).

Step 3: Now keep this folder in a USB-Pen Drive or where you feel it’s safe to complete the backup of your Skype.

Restore Skype Chat History

Restoring your Skype conversation is very easy. Browse to the following directory replace “UserName” with your Windows name (on the same machine where you want to restore Skype history). Copy you backup folder you created earlier by above mentioned steps and paste it the following mentioned directory. Please use the same account name for Skype.C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Skype

Important Note

Please ensure your Skype settings are active to take backup of message history on the local computer or else the folder we had copied earlier wouldn’t be created. Following steps are mentioned to enable “Save Chat History.”

Step 1:

Log in your Skype account and Browse to Tools >> Options.

Step 2:

Skype settings will be displayed on your screen, Click privacy button then Privacy settings. A “Keep History for” option will be visible, set it to forever from drop down menu to enable the save chat history.The backup chats are not accessible outside the Skype, which means you can only read the history chat in Skype client and if you want to read the chat outside for that you need to convert the chat in a readable format first. In the older versions of Skype users were allowed to save the chat in HTML format. But the latest versions are missing that handy option.


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