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Easy way to choose a musical instrument

Updated on February 11, 2015

Music is presumably the most common entertainment of our times, but listening is not the only way to enjoy it – perhaps everyone of us has at least once considered learning a musical instrument. Unfortunately, the most difficult step is the first one – picking a suitable instrument. What should be considered in order not to make a mistake at the beginning?

Precious time

Most of us don’t know, that the most substantial factor connected with playing any musical instrument is time. Making a decision about choosing an instrument should be thereby based mostly on how much time can we spend on learning. Of course as there are plenty of possibilities, but there is always a way to find something appropriate.

Perhaps the most obvious picks are guitar and piano and their most apparent advantage is possibility to begin playing without any previous exercises – we could even call it “take it and play”. Of course becoming a musician takes time, but with these you can make a good impression in just about one or two weeks, in contrary to, for example, violin, which takes at least a few months to sound good enough.


Probably there isn’t any easier musical instruments to learn, mostly due to surprising power of the Internet. Definitely, simple step-by-step tutorials and plenty of books and courses covering this topic make learning more convenient than ever.


We can reach almost the same conclusion regarding piano. Why? Of course because of almost as much resources and even more straightforward way of learning. In contrary to guitar, playing the piano begins with day one – you don’t need to keep focus on the strength of your fingers, plucking right strings and so on.

What’s your goal?

No matter what we think about learning an instrument, there is always a cause of it. Sometimes it’s boredom, sometimes girls and there don’t forget, that there are always people willing to commence a real rock-star career, even though it’s not achievable by most of us.

Presumably the most common cause that make us learn a musical instruments is recording our own music. For those of you, who consider that kind of activity as a key purpose to play, here are some tips:

  • Firstly, it’s almost always better to play instrument that sound good without accompaniment and lets us sing to it. Of course it’s not a rule, but recording your own songs, when you play bass guitar, requires much more expertise and, moreover, it’s hard to find any feedback on it.
  • Secondly, it’s necessary to follow your music curiosity. When we start playing, there are always some bands and artists that we more or less can call our favorites. However, it substantially changes over time and thereby it’s good to play an instrument which allows you to try another ways and from time to time vary your musical customs.
  • Thirdly, we shall unfortunately consider money also. In spite of the low prices of musical equipment, it still costs much enough to make us think twice about any purchase. Think about it, because home recording of some instruments is cheap, but the others – in contrary, not.

Your favorite music genres

And finally there is the most crucial factor, which should influence on us – it’s joy. No matter what purpose can we name the one that makes us follow our dreams about playing a musical instrument, it’s always strongly connected with joy of music.

If you fancy common music genres, like rock or blues, it’s a good idea to comply with them and pick suitable musical equipment, like guitar, drums or piano. However, some of you might think, that there is enough typical music out there and your dream is to create something new. Then we should consider some non-usual instruments or even experimental ones, like mandolin, sax or some strange just-invented things.

Follow the dream

I’m not going to deceive you – learning to play music is not easy and it takes time. Despite difficulties, it provides a great deal of joy, that we can easily share with friends and, in the future, also professional musicians.

The last thing that I would like all of you to remember is that music is about people. Although exercising shall not be underrated, the point is to play with or for the others. Consider that when making a choice and never forget what music was invented for – socializing.

© 2015 Cris Deptula


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    • Your Music Coach profile image

      Your Music Coach 3 years ago

      Great stuff! Choosing an instrument is such an important step. I have been teaching for 12 years and have found that the most important factor is passion. When ever a student has passion for their instrument they are able to push through the challenges that come up.

    • profile image

      Cris Deptula 3 years ago

      Yeah, ukulele is great, I have one myself :) But it's not as much versatile as guitar and piano, is it?

    • robertzimmerman2 profile image

      Robert Zimmerman 3 years ago from SE Florida, USA

      Don't forget the Ukulele my friend. Easier than a guitar by two strings!