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Ecotourism in Munich

Updated on July 17, 2019

English Garden in Munich


Ecotourism refers to tourism that is based on the following eco-friendly principles:

  • Travelers do not engage in activities that destroy natural or cultural environments
  • Local products and services are used to avoid long delivery routes
  • The political, environmental and social climate of the host country is respected at all times
  • Travelers learn about preservation and conservation and building environmental and cultural awareness

Eco-Friendly Airport

You can get started with your eco-friendly vacation right at the airport in Munich. The Bistro Organic offers fresh yoghurt drinks, snacks, cake and coffee, salads, musli and juices that comply 100% with eco-friendly principles such as the use of local products. It is open between 5am and 10:30pm on a daily basis.


Eco-friendly Hotels

An out-of-the-ordinary hotel in Munich is 30 minutes away from the Bavarian capital. Schlossgut Oberambach lies in the midst of woods and meadows at the foot of the Alps. The hotel complies with numerous eco-friendly principles such as the following:

  • 100% renewable energy through a seed-oil operated block heating unit and wood chip heating with the use of wood from the own forest
  • The use of rainwater for toilets and garden irrigation
  • The use of biodegradable detergents
  • Allergy-friendly wall heating
  • The use of e-bikes and electric cars
  • Natural wall paint
  • The food and beverages offered are 100% organic (with the exception of the fish from Lake Starnberg): eggs come from a local farm, salads, vegetables and herbs from a local market garden, bread comes from a local bakery, milk products from local villages etc.

Apart from its use of organic products, the hotel offers various eco-friendly leisure activities including hiking, nordic walking and jogging in the beautiful area of the Starnberg lake. The hotel also offers e-bikes and regular bikes in the warmer seasons. Water sports fans will find what they are looking for at the Starnberg lake where you can go surfing, sailing, diving, rowing and swimming. And none of these activities emit CO² or other greenhouse gases.

Another green hotel can be found in the city center of Munich, DERAG LIVINGHOTEL Campo dei Fiori. It has its own photovoltaic system to produce its energy. Should the produced solar energy not be sufficient, it receives its energy through water power from the public utility company of Munich. The hotel also purchases seasonal and regional products and also offers vegetarian lunches.


Eco-Friendly Restaurant

The Jagdschloss offers a traditional Bavarian tavern, a beer garden and a hotel all in one. The hotel/restaurant was awarded a certificate for using ecologically produced food and thus complies with the EU regulation 2092/91. The Jadgschloss was built around the turn of the 20th century and is listed as a historical building. The tavern serves its guests Bavarian traditional meals as well as Bavarian beer. It is worth a visit and can be reached in only 20 minutes by train and bus from München main station.

Eco-Friendly Transport

The German public transport system is one of the best ones in the world. You are completely independent without a car in Munich because there are busses, subways, trams, trains and taxis that take you to every corner of the city in a relatively short time. You can buy weekly or monthly tickets to make your traveling in Munich cheaper. You can find the conditions under this link.

A project involving eco-friendly taxis that are more energy-efficient has been started in Munich. More than 200 eco-friendly taxis are already on the road. If you want to use an eco-friendly taxi, call 19 419 or 450 450.

Obviously you can also ride a bike in Munich on the bike paths with a total length of 1200km (745 miles). There are bike rental stations at every corner in Munich and allow you to discover the beautiful Bavarian city on two wheels. Be aware, however, because the police is very strict with bikers in Munich. You should always have two hands on the handlebars and always ride on the right side of the road. Fines for bikers amount between 20 and 100 Euros depending on the offense. You can also go by bike to the Munich to the surroundings of Munich along the river Isar, through forests, around the Lake Starnberg, past farms and fields and to many more rivers and lakes in Munich.

System with 3 Garbage Containers


Munich is very active in recycling, just like every other German city and you are not only welcome but obliged to participate when you stay in Munich. There are three different types of garbage containers in Munich: the gray one for non-recyclable waste, the brown one for compostable kitchen and garden waste and the blue one for clean paper and cardboard. There are around 1000 disposal stations in Munich where you can get rid of glas, plastic and metal packaging.



There are numerous parks in Munich where you can enjoy your emission-free vacation. The English Garden belongs to the biggest inner-city parks in the world. It features 78km of paths where you can cycle and jog, a creek on which you can surf, a lake on which you can row or “Tretboot fahren”, riding paths for horseback-riding fans and in the winter you can even go sledding or ice skating on Lake Kleinhesseloher. For fans of exotic fauna and flora, the Botanical Garden of München boasts 14.000 different types of plants including cactuses of all forms and sizes, carnivorous plants and local walnut trees. Many animals such as birds, insects, frogs, toads and tortoises call this their home. he Olympia Park with its Olympia tower is one of the landmarks of Munich.

Surfing in the English Garden in Munich

Rye Bread with Sunflower, Poppy and Sesame Seeds



Obviously when going to Munich, you will want to taste the German bread of which 600 different types are currently available on the market. When walking into a German bakery you will find at least 15 different types of bread ranging from rye-wheat bread to whole-grain bread, wheat-rye bread, white bread, multigrain bread, sunflower seeds bread, pumpkin seeds bread, pumpernickel and bread with onions. Fritz Mühlenbäckerei is a certified organic bakery that uses local grains from organic farmers in Swabian Alb and Lower Bavaria. It abstains from using baking agents, flour mixtures, artificial additives, flavorings and colorings. The bakery also offers bread for allergic people, such as gluten-free, wheat-free and yeast-free bread. The bakery uses eco-friendly electricity generated through solar cells and even reuses rain water using a big cistern. You can find this bakery’s bread at many organic supermarkets and small organic shops of which you can find a list here.

You can find more eco-friendly location by visiting this website. It provides a list of eco-friendly restaurants, shops, supermarkets and other information about eco-friendliness.

Have fun in Munich and don’t forget to reduce your ecological footprint on your next trip!


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      This is an excellent hub Jennifer. It's so full of useful and interesting information. My brother's going to Munich this December in part of his European vacation over the Christmas-New Year's holiday season. Voted up for interesting!

    • Jennifer Madison profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Madison 

      6 years ago from Lohmar

      The river is man-made but there is nothing powering the water. Sometimes they put planks in the river to make the wave easier to surf.

    • Doodlehead profile image


      6 years ago from Northern California

      Wow. What a fine hub this is. I had no idea they had all this available in Munich. The video of the man surfing is a treat. Is the water powered by something?


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