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Updated on August 8, 2016


Education means movement and progress. It is not sleeping but wakefulness. It does not mean taking things as they come to you. It means doing something in life which raises you above others. Education life depends on efforts. Education depend on hard labour and constant work. Its secret lies in intelligence, thinking planning and working hard. It depends on constant work and hard labour. Education are honesty, hard labour, right means full knowledge of the work in hand and devotion to work.


Primary education is the foundation on which the structure of education stands. There can be no good education without good primary education. Proper growth of education depends on it. The progress of society depends on the type of primary education received by its children.


Adult education programme was also introduced to make grow up people educated. Adult education is mostly given in primary schools, but it is also given in other institutions.


Technical education stands for technique and skills of making all type of things which the modern world needs. Everything which we need in our life involves some technical knowledge in its making. It may be a radio a T.V. or telephone everything requires technical knowledge in its making.

General education gives us only knowledge and information while technical education enables us to make things and learn the use of operating them. Technical education is the need of the hour. It is easy to receive technical education of an ordinary level. However it difficult to get technical education of a higher level.


A country is known for its education and culture. In every country there is a system of education. However no education can be properly given without a system. Educationists think that education can be imported in a better way if it is privatised. Our govt spends unlimited money on education yet educational institution run by the govt. do not produce such results are produced by some big private institutions. We shall work for the good of education. I am sure my county will be counted among the best educated countries of the world.

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