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Efficient Laptop Coolers - Mains Cooling Fans

Updated on April 9, 2011

If you are running a laptop that is overheating, then look no further. On this page are listed several really efficient laptop coolers to help protect your laptop.

Modern laptops are just as powerful as desktop computers, but are expected to maintain the same environment with a much smaller fan and less airflow, resulting in the body of your laptop getting very hot indeed.

This is damaging to the critical components inside your laptop.

Many people experience frequent computer crashes and shut downs while using a laptop, and blame their software, when the culprit all along was their CPU, objecting to being expected to run for a long time at high temperatures.

One way of keeping your laptop cooler is to raise it up off the surface it is sitting on, whether that be your knees or a hard surface, to allow increased airflow to circulate underneath which can help cool an overheating system.

This can be achieved by placing four small blocks under the 'feet' off the laptop, if your computer is on a hard surface. If you use your laptop on your lap, you will need to buy or construct a specially designed elevator for it.

Of course, if you are working in a hot environment, your computer may well throw a hissy fit as it is very difficult for it then to stay cool.

Even laptop coolers are not as terribly efficient as we would like them to be, they do not seem to be capable of doing much more than extracting the hot air away from the main components inside your laptop.

Laptop coolers with fans can do this. Other laptop coolers are basically just rubber mats that draw the heat, taking it away from these vital components. This still works, but not as well as ones with fans.

The best laptop coolers on the market combine a mixture of the rubber mat with one or more fans directing the air away, with a space for airflow between the cooler and your laptop.

I believe they are highly successful at what they do despite that, and so are worth buying as they can and will extend the life of your laptop. Just those few degrees can make all the difference.

I was looking online for a mains-powered laptop cooler with cooling fans built in, and a space for airflow between the base and the laptop.

Most come with USB connection, which is fine if you already have a few USB ports, but I have only 2 and both are in use constantly.

Some laptop coolers come with a USB hub built in, so once it is plugged into your USB port, you can then plug other peripherals into the hub.

I'm disappointed on the whole with what is available for laptop users like myself, who spend hours online at home, with a mains supply nearby. Everything in the market seems to be geared towards the genuine mobile user, who we assume only uses his laptop for short periods at a time, and who never has a mains adaptor nearby.

Some folk would say go and get a desktop computer and stop using your laptop like it is a desktop, and to that I reply that the whole world thinks that the laptop does the same job, and yes I occasionally do go out to use a public wi-fi site which I couldn't do with a desktop, so the laptop suits my lifestyle better.

Another interesting thing I've learned about laptops, is that it is better to remove the battery when in use at home, as the heating of the battery adds to the inefficiency of the built-in fan, making your laptop hotter.

I would disconnect mine, but I live in an area of frequent short power cuts, and I would be really upset if I lost a lot of precious work online through this. That happened when I had a desktop, before it died and went to desktop heaven.

What I like about the NZXT Cryo LX is that is has a massive 3 internal fans, and a rubber surface to help disperse the heat created by a notebook, and a 4 port USB built-in. It supports 15", 17" and 19" wide screens and its manufacturer claims it will cool even the hottest high-powered laptop. It is described as being portable, foldable and lightweight to carry around but I can't say those features are of much interest to me. I just want one that cools my laptop in the one place.

I've read the reviews on this one too, and it is highly recommended by those who have tried it. Everyone says other coolers reduce the laptop heat from hot to warm, but on this one it is COLD! Excellent.

USB Notebook Cooler

This one at a fraction of the price also offers 3 fans. Again it uses up the USB port, but has a USB single output port built in, so you will effectively not lose the port at all. It seems a lot of people liked the lights on it. It cools laptop to 'warm' which while being better than 'hot' is not as good as 'cold'. So you get what you pay for, but this one does seem to do the job so long as your laptop isn't really overheated in the first place.

I liked this one because although it only has one fan, it is designed to lift the laptop up, thus naturally increasing airflow. The one fan then sucks the hot air away from underneath the laptop. It is a really nice design and is especially lightweight and so is handy for mobile laptop users. However, it only fits a screen up to 15.4" wide. A drawback in this one is that it will use up your USB port and does not offer another one to compensate. So with this one you will lose a USB port if, like me, that is important to you.

In Conclusion

Out of the laptop coolers I have looked at here, it is only the NZXT ones that I would consider buying. They seem to be the most efficient for the home high-spec laptop user whose laptop gets really hot. While they are both described as portable, as 6lbs each in weight they will add a lot to moving the laptop case around, but users like me whose problem doesn't happen when they are out and about for short periods of time with their laptop or notebook, they are ideal.


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  • MoragCampbell profile image

    MoragCampbell 8 years ago from Planet Earth

    You're welcome :)

  • Faybe Bay profile image

    Faye Constantino 8 years ago from Florida

    This is excellent information. I have two laptops waiting for repairs due to faulty cooling. Thanks.