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Troubleshooting Tips for Troublesome Electric Gates

Updated on January 16, 2010

13 Tips for troubleshooting a bad electric gate installation

This is a general guide as to what to look for if you are experiencing problems with your Electric gates, automation or access controls. it is intended for you to isolate the source of the problem and possibly help you to fix the issue.

It is something we've all had to face, running late and trying to leave and bam! the gate doesn't work, you're stuck! so you put it on manual and have a HUGE security risk..

This guide is aimed at helping you find the cause and maybe fix it.

Check the Power Supply

the first thing to check!

1. Check the power supply and isolation is switched on.

2. Look at any peripheral equipment such as the intercom or keypad which is normally lit up, to see if the lights are on.

3. Press the buttons on the keypads to see if there is a corresponding beep or sound. These all give you an indication if there is power at the gates or not.

Assess your Gate Activation

1. In terms of the activation of the gates, it may be worth checking that your transmitter is operating as your battery might be flat. There is normally a light on the transmitter that indicates that it is working by pressing one of the buttons.

2. Check with the other access controls such as key in a number to your keypad, press the gate release button on the intercom and test out all the peripheral equipment by process of elimination.

If your gates are still not functioning after checking the power supply and peripheral equipment then follow these steps:

1. Are your gates stuck in the open position and won’t close? If so, wave your hand in front of one of the photocells and there should be a quiet clicking sound in the background. This will only be on one of your photocells so you need to test them both with your hand.

2. If you cannot hear that clicking sound there is a problem with your safety beam / photocells so either there is no power at the safety beam or the safety beam has failed either because it is broken or it may be that there are insects / debris inside it such as spiders that are blocking the beam. It is usually easy to remove the cover of a photocell just to check that the beams are clear. There is usually also some demonstration that they are working by a light being displayed (LED).

3. If the photocells appear to be unobstructed but not working, you need to contact a specialist.

4. If the gates are in the closed position, using the manual release, move the both gates to 45 degrees, if they are on a ram system lock the rams back in.

5. If they are on an underground system leave the gates swinging freely, now activate the gates with transmitter or other access control and observe the functioning of the gates.

6. Does one motor work? Both motors work? Or neither motor work? If neither of the motors work and we know we have power supply, it is likely to be a problem with the electronics or the control system – call a specialist.

7. If one motor works, it is likely that the other motor has failed – call a specialist.

8. If both motors work, this has not provided you with a remedy to the problem and whilst everything may appear to be working it is advised that you carry on using the gates until such time as they fail again and then call out a specialist.

9. Automatic gates are classed as working machinery and it is prudent to have the gate serviced and checked on a regular basis i.e. each installation is different and the amount of servicing they need is dependent upon their environment and their frequency of use. But as a general guideline, domestic gates should be serviced annually and commercial gates should be serviced twice a year.

In the meantime, it would be advised to put your gates in the open position with the use of your manual release keys until such time that a specialist can look at them.

If you are in the UK - Yorkshire area and want assistance or need help please contact Electric Gates Yorkshire or Yorkshire Electric Gates for a completely professional solution.

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      marenmarcella 6 years ago

      It is a very nice and good post. Keep up the good work.

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      sindupatny 6 years ago

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