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Electronic Voice Phenomenon Exposed- Truth about EVP

Updated on September 13, 2010

Panasonic RR DR60 – Chasing Tales with False Positives

With the increase of interest in the paranormal field and the show me something on demand attitude on the back of various TV shows, we are seeing an ever increasing rise in false positives presented as real phenomena.

EVP falls directly into this and even some researchers are being advised to buy certain types of recorder to gather voices of the dead. This is a worrying situation and one that will do more harm than good, we want it all real whether this is boring to some or not. First and foremost we are serious researchers and we should not lose sight of this, so let's squash some misconceptions and advise on one recorder NOT to buy or use for EVP.

The Panasonic RR-DR60

This is not a gift from the supernatural gods, this is not made to tune into the voices of the dead and it's pretty poor unless you wish to dazzle people with false positives.

It is an excellent Dictaphone mind you and will record notes which will save you from writing notes. Apart from that I would stay well clear as you will be chasing your own tale and wasting valuable time better spent elsewhere.

I have looked into this recorder and used information from experts and academics in the field with qualifications in various professions. Sound engineers, parapsychologists, electronic engineers and EVP specialist on an international level.

In my opinion I would be highly suspect of anything it captures. One of the main reasons it is so effective is that it has extremely high sensitivity. This makes it likely to pick up very weak or otherwise hard to hear signals. While this may be a plus for EVP work, the fact it does not use increased shielding from RF (radio frequencies) and extraneous sources means it will be more susceptible to them.

High gain is a good thing in EVP research; however special techniques must be utilized when dealing with that type of equipment. Double shielding and differential amplifiers are two of the most important. That will increase common mode rejection, a major source of interference. This recorder uses neither. And as with any recorder, digital or analog, the idea of carrying it around promotes extraneous noise as well. Better to set it down and let it record in a stationary location. The high gain makes it even more important to be aware of extraneous noise.

In conclusion, I would recommend this recorder for note taking and interview applications. The high gain makes it easy to hear what a witness is saying. Overall sound quality is good, Voice is easy to understand. But for EVP work, I would stay away from it. The chances of false positives is already high enough on any digital recorder, this one is even worse due to its high gain.

While chatting with an academic who happens to be in Scotland at the moment working on other experiments, I asked about the recorder above and if they had any additional information for us. They basically backed up everything we found out.

Use a standard recording device or even better; go analogue and get a good microphone which can be set up away from the device to reduce inner working being picked up.

In addition to this model recorder, other Panasonic models have been testing. They are falling into the same category as this one. The older model Panasonics are not meant for recording EVP. There is too much room for outside interference. Would you want to know that when you got a really good class “A” EVP that you could back it up when it comes under the scrutiny of the public. Or better yet, wouldn’t you want to make the client feel more at ease to know that you know what you are doing and not presenting them with false information. Stay away from things like this. If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is. You just don’t record 100 EVP’s at 1 location. Edison, Raudive, and Juergenson would love to prove you wrong J

By scrutinizing our own work and being truthful with our captures, we help progress the field and raise the standard in preparation for collaboration with the scientific community.

Let's keep it real and push aside the very equipment that may be holding us back

The culprit

Looks harmless right lol
Looks harmless right lol


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    • GhostChaser profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from PA/NJ

      Sorry I don't often come back here. I didn't realize I had comments. To Mike G- the problem is with ghost hunters today is that they don't do research or actually investigate properly. They still walk around with the recorder and they don't call out when they make a noise. That is what I have a problem with because this device will turn it in to a word. In my experience I don't solely rely on one piece of equipment. I have always used multiple pieces to get baseline readings. Not to mention most of the equipment I have and use I don't use to "catch" ghosts. I like to use technology and rationalization to disprove it.

      To clockdryve- See in my opinion if I was getting over 100 EVP's I would certainly question things a lot more. I just don't think it's possible to discern the little whispers in comparison to white noise or product feedback. Now if my recorder was picking up an abnormal amount of EVP's, all my meters were going off at the same time, I had something in a photo, saw something in video, and had multiple personal experiences then I might believe something more is going on. Sorry I still stand by my research. Now don't get me wrong I do believe there is spirit energy all around us and they probably are talking. I just don't think it's THAT easy to capture. If so everyone should be able to communicate with loved ones that had passed. See my point? Oh and I have been doing this for a very, very long time. I've always been the techie. I have a multitude of different recorders to do different studies on them. I have never liked Audacity either. Don't get me wrong it's a good program. I have a friend who is a DJ and she taught me everything there is to know about sound and different programs to analyze it. Seriously though if you still read this thanks for responding.

      I've worked with some of the best in this field. John Zaffis being one of them. If you ask him how many EVP's he has gotten... it's not that many. There is a reason.

      To Manny- I sent you an email. That is really cool that you are a collector. I like to collect old reel to reel and actually old cameras. Photography is another hobby of mine as well.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi everyone. I am an antique radio and rare items collector from the Philippines. The Panasonic RR-DR60 is in my collection now for 3 days, and I might put it on sale as I am not into paranormal activities. I might sell it for a reasonable price though, since I am saving up budget for my real job, which is photography. For inquiries on my item which is in very pristine clean and working condition, please email me and I will send you comprehensive photographs of my DR60...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Evp is for fools, theres no such thing. end of.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I wish to come to the defense of the Panasonic RR-DR60 also.

      I've been using mine for a little over 2 years now...and it is an EXCELLENT EVP MAGNET. I have "Hundreds" of voice captures. I've had my name mentioned many times...have had my words repeated back to me (and a few extra words added). Been cussed out by some of the spirits (you won't hear cussing on stray radio signals) and have been told they "were scared" sometimes and they have asked for help. Some are happy and others like to play jokes...PEOPLE just like us. Try the Sony ICD-B7 or Sony ICD-B300 much cheaper used on eBay. Will take some time to get your first EVP. Took me about 10 days - then started getting about every time I went out. You DON'T need to be at grave yards or haunted places...spirits are "everywhere". Be sure and use HEADPHONES and use AUDACITY on your PC to study the recording and find the voices. Many times they are just BARELY audible...Good Luck - And BELIEVE. Be SAFE Guys :-)

    • profile image

      Mike G 

      7 years ago

      I would agree with you on the quality of the capture stand point of the DR60. But something you missed in our research is how the device can capture below 20 Hz. That is why I think playback is so raspy, the device is playing back the recording above 20 Hz. The DR60 is just just one tool in our kit to get some baseline readings on a room. Because if we can get some hits on it, we know where to focus our other gear. I also setup guild lines on using this device. You should never hold any recorder while using it, no one should be moving while it is recording, if you make a noise speak up and say "I did that", and never whisper, you can talk in a low voice, but team whispers can ruin any investigation. I linked above to some of the stuff we captured with our DR60 while in Wilmington NC. We had a great time and I can hope to have another experience that great again someday.

    • profile image

      ralph ciardella 

      8 years ago

      Which brand/models of recorders are recommended?


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