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ElectroSmog - 5 Crazy Devices To Protect You From Electromagnetic Wave Pollution

Updated on April 27, 2012

The Tin Foil Van

photo courtesy albedo20 on Flickr
photo courtesy albedo20 on Flickr

It Started With The Tin Foil Hat

In 1927, a science fiction writer by the name of Julian Huxley penned a story called "The Tissue-Culture King" which is a short story which can be read in electronic form online. Despite the brevity of the work, there is a scene in which the character discusses how he used the metallic properties of foil to reduce the effects of their experimental superconsciousness on themselves. Certainly, author Huxley had many more important contributions to the culture of modern society. For example, he is credited with coining the words mentifact, ethnic group, and transhumanism, to name but a few. But for some strange and perhaps luck induced reason this quote from the short story permeated into the minds of counterculture enthusiasts like the electromagnetic wave interference they sought to prevent. Thus was born the idea of the tin foil hat and using emf shields to block what many now term electrosmog (or esmog) from entering the crevices of the minds of those fighting the electromagnetic control mechanisms of a government or similar institution that would seek to harass, manipulate and record the very thoughts of their existence. Conspiracy theorists have never been the same since the advent of this makeshift faraday cage for the head.

Electrosmog From Power Lines

photo by xxv on flickr
photo by xxv on flickr

Ionizing And Nonionizing Radiation Everywhere

Ionizing radiation such as that produced through radioactive decay has a scientifically proven health risk on humans and other forms of biological life. It is a hazard if exposure exceeds a certain level or dose. One such harmful effect would be cancer, but don't tell that to those who frequent radium springs and radon caves in search of esoteric cures for chronic pain or respiratory diseases. Seriously, you have to click that link, the guy is just chilling in a radon cave in Montana reading a book. As opposed to the clearly detrimental effects of ionizing radiation (radiation conspiracy theories exempt), the non-ionizing form poses quite a different type of threat altogether. It is one that the tin foil hat culture probably fears more than death by cancer, While most radiation in this electromagnetic range is generally physically harmless to humans except for heat hazards, eye damage, and skin effects. These are generally mild compared to the electron busting counterpart. However, there is a subset of society that is considered to be prone to electrosensitivity and this means that their exposure to emf can cause symptoms which vary wildly from person to person. Chronic fatigue, headaches, nausea or even hearing the buzz that no one else hears can all be symptoms of this hypersensitive disorder. Some may claim it is a hypochondriac illness of the mind, but some studies have sided with the electrosensitive, and besides how can one get better when they are inside your brain. Commercialization always being the jewel of society, it should not be any surprise that quite a few companies have taken up the defense against electrosmog in valiant attempts to clear the airwaves or deflect esmog away from those who would wear their trinket. Full blown companies akin to something like ghostbusters have rose to investigate emf phenomena at the home or business. Custom emf solutions and even personal faraday cage domes can be bought if the price is right and the electrosmog a significant enough nuisance. Let us have a look at 5 of the craziest electrosmog devices on the market today.

The Human Firewall

First up is a device by Rayguard termed the human firewall. The company claims that in the same way that your computer needs a firewall to protect against viruses, denial of service, and other technological attacks, the human body needs one as well. Luckily, there is now no longer a need to don a tin foil hat and it can safely be relegated to cranial antiquity. This is because Rayguard just happens to have cracked the electromagnetic code and incorporated the solution into a ipod size device that can be worn on a lanyard. Electrosmog is one thing and some of the more extreme effets are still very speculative in my mind, but when a company starts talking about preserving life force and life energy things start to get a little too metaphysical for me. One begins to wonder how the necklace type device is able to intercept all electromagnetic exposure that a body might receive from phones, computers, microwave ovens and more. Does the human body have ports that can be closed like a computer server does? Since wireless routers/firewalls are purported to be a significant source of this electro smog, I guess the human firewall will protect you from your firewall as well. The emf blocking company provides pdfs relating to testing and evidence all from someone with a Dr. prefix before his name, but the reports are either above my head or nonsense. Something about redirecting brainwaves and Chinese chi theory. Fortunately, for those who do understand the formula, there is a buy 2 get 1 free special on human firewalls at the moment so there should be no problem protecting your wife and dog in affordable fashion. This all seems quite akin to the magical prayer cloths of New York's late Reverend Ike which one can still get sent to their home despite the 2009 passing of the reverend... For a donation of $10 or more. Tumbled amazonite seems just about as likely to work as an EMF absorbing healing crystal. Maybe that is what is inside the human firewall. If you buy a few, crack one open and let us know the results of your human firewall dissection. There is also a raychip for iphones and droids.

Quantum Pendants For EMF

Quantum pendants are another product used by people to protect one's biofield from harmful electro magnetic interference. These passive devices can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or simply stowed in a pocket to achieve the desired effects, according to producers. Energy medicine such as the QuWave Harmonizer has been a trending topic with such big names as Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz exploring the emerging energy technologies on their tv shows. Everything from jet lag to severe depression might have links to certain resonances. The Scalar Field and the Schumann Resonance are some of the terms in the science used to describe the inner workings of such quantum pendants and many patents have been filed regarding different varieties of the mechanism. Fusion Excel is another quantum pendant with skeptics and believers taking up both sides of the argument regarding its benefits. Although some of their sales tactics seem to be that of a snake oil salesmen or healing tent preacher, a lot of this stuff is making its way into the USA from Japan and elsewhere. See for yourself:

FusionExcel Quantum Pendant Demo - Scam or Real?

EMF Fabrics And Clothing

Next up is a line of emf blocking fabrics developed by Sensory Perspective LLC. They also offer a line of personal and professional emf detection devices to measure those (in their words) "invisible pulsing microwave communication signals." One certainly would not want any stray that flying around the house. These engineered textiles can be bought in bulk by the metre for fashioning one's own homemade emf outfits, or they have a line of clothing to save electrosensitivity sufferers the labor. Sensory Perspective claims that you get what you pay for, and when it comes to electrosmog relief, they are top of the line. The emf clothing includes a "mummy wrap" so that pregnant expecting mothers can protect their unborn from mind manipulation before they even exit the womb. The electrosmog veil is a must-see sexy solution and looks like it would probably be good at mosquito bite prevention as well. Wait, was that a mosquito or a DARPA robobug insect cyborg. Also, you must know that electromagnetic wave interference takes no time off during the night. In fact, that is probably the most likely time for a satellite to beam down and intercept thoughts due to the prevalence of dreams and the increased esmog vulnerability during rem sleep. Sensory Perspective has you covered there as well with a full line of shielded bed canopies. Put that on your sleep number mattress and you may never wake up. is another excellent resource for all things emf related, and their online store is touted as the superstore of anti-emf equipment. Detectors, books, safety garments and more can all be found at this site that I first discovered and discussed when giving plans on how to make anti-taser clothing in the face of an outbreak of police on citizen violence using taser stun guns. For any clothing not found at the Sensory Perceptive, Lessemf probably has you covered. Headbands, balaclava shields, underwear, socks, and more can all be found in one place. It is unclear how well a simple headband might work and I'd suggest going with the emf hoodie if you are concerned with complete coverage protection as well as not looking like a total crazy alien-fearing human when out in public areas. Not that there is anything wrong with fearing aliens, after all, Stephen Hawking does and he is a fairly smart guy with a few medals to show for it.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you are looking to add a little beauty to the d├ęcor of your home while at the same time battling hidden emf sources then a Himalayan salt lamp may be just the perfect device for you. Brought up from the foothills of the Himalaya mountains in beautiful Punjab, Pakistan, Himalayan salt is long thought to have certain mystical properties. Makers of these salt lamps take a large salt crystal and carve out a spot for a candle or bulb that really can set the mood of a room through its orange-reddish hues that are cast from within. On top of beauty and combating e-smog, the Himalayan salt lamp are said by some to have harmonizing ion effects whereby the negative ions of the salt interact to neutralize the positive ions in the air reducing pollutants and improving quality. Asthma, allergies, and other pulmonary issues are said to be improved through the use of personal salt lamps. If nothing else, they make an artistic night light and bring a piece of the Himalayan mountains into the home.

EMF Interference Is A Real Problem

Electrosmog may at first seem like a conspiracy theory of grand proportion, but closer inspection reveals that there is quite a lot of evidence to indicate otherwise. So many people have began showing symptoms that they cannot simply be ignored. Couple that with the fact that the sources of esmog is seemingly infinite with many more being added every year: cell phone radiation, cars, laptops, new gadgets. You name it and if it is electronic then it is probably a good bet that a detector will measure at least some level of activity. One area that is getting a lot of attention is the newly installed smart meters that many power companies are placing on residences and buildings in certain cities. Populations of animals and insects are showing increased levels of response such as the honeybee colony collapse disorder that can be linked to electromagnetic radiation. A lot of this article was having a little fun with some of these products, but even advanced medical centers and universities are acknowledging the issue and working towards solutions.


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    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 5 years ago

      Thanks for the read Irob. Ok, 2-1 I guess I'm a little behind on the latest CCD news. Wow, the parasitic flies seem a whole lot scarier than electrosmog! Dropping eggs into the honeybee abdomen and turning them into "zombies" until they hatch out of the bee's face. None of these electrosmog devices could prevent that for sure. Nature is beautiful and sometimes cruel.

    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Great hub and confirming Larry's note on the bees and the parasite, the discovery and potential link was in 3 of my science mages a few months ago......maybe I need to live in some kind of Faraday cage.

    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 5 years ago

      LarryFields, that is interesting information. I saw some studies where electrosmog was said to possibly have some faint links to colony collapse disorder, but who knows, maybe it is the fly you mention. As I was researching this I did see a lot about people who had problems with fluorescent lights, but as you might have realized I am a little skeptical in regards to stones and crystals as cures. I am getting more into that type of thing and want to believe, but I just haven't seen much evidence besides the anecdotal. Certainly a turquoise ring probably looks better than the tin foil hat or emf human firewall. If it is working for you then that is all that matters.

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 5 years ago from Northern California

      Rated interesting. One small quibble.

      AFAIK, the latest thinking on Colony Collapse Disorder in bees is that it's caused by a tiny parasitic fly.

      I'm somewhat EMF-sensitive. It's a part of Sensory Integration Dysfunction. When I go shopping at my local supermarket, the fluorescent lights overhead are noticeably less disturbing when I wear a turquoise ring. Go figure.

      I have not tried out a tinfoil hat yet. A fashion-conscious online acquaintance assures me that tinfoil goes equally well with everything. :-)