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Email Finder Scam Review

Updated on January 12, 2010

Is Email Finder a scam?

Running through the Clickbank database trying to find a great product to promote, I came across something called the Email Finder. This product sounded too good to be true so I felt a need to investigate this product. I came up on some surprising information on this tool. Read these stories and you will be shocked about this product.

Email Finder is a scam. Many people have been dealt a heavy blow of grief to many people. Its caused legal issues for unsuspecting people, privacy invasions, phishing/scams, and much more damage. For those who weren't aware enough to understand that this was a scam, they have lost great amounts of money. Below are a few stories that are associated with Email Finder and being scammed. sells wrong info, leaving a lady being sued

Because of the problems that Email Finder has, a lady was forced to show up in small claims court. She was sued by a London male resident for $4,368. The charges are made up of $1,200 he lost on an iPhone scam, plus the traveling expenses it costs for him to show up at the small claims court in the United States of America.

This incident happened last year in January when a man fell victim to an iPhone scam. When he paid $150 to to track down the identity of the person who scammed him using an Hotmail account, sold him the wrong information. He then ends up suing some innocent lady for over $4,000 for a scam that she wasn't responsible for. Not only was he scammed $1,200 due to the iPhone incident, he was also scammed $150 for the Email Finder information that he received, leading him to sue the wrong person.

Email Finder did a deep background search on the wrong person because they felled to use middle name initials. They supplied the London gentlemen with the following information on the innocent:

  • Background Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Full Credit Report and History
  • Residence Check
  • Previously Known Addresses
  • List of Positive Relatives (which was completely incorrect)
  • List of People Who Owned Her Home Previously Before Her

As a result, the scammer is probably still at large, while others are dealing with the aftermath that he/she costs them.

                                                      -Read Full Story Here-

The Difference

Many email finder websites are not the same. Its hard to keep track of information with email addresses because it doesn't really take any personal information to create an email account. This is why so many different email finder programs work in different ways because they usually search for different information. poses as a security threat to individuals. Because it gets so much information on people, its very easy for someone to get all of your personal information and use it for their own personal reasons. There is no way to be sure that the public will not use this type of information to do anything illegal. Its best to leave such technology for police officers and any other type of investigator. The public shouldn't have access to others personal information.


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    • profile image

      444 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Dan J 5 years ago

      I ordered this because a guy kept screwing with me on some computer parts I had listed locally. Well once I told him the next time I drove by his home [I gave him his address & phone number] He stopped messing with me.

      What I did find out later on was, even if I put in one of my email accounts, it showed that I was not in any online email data bases. I tried all my children with no luck. Paying $25.00 a year to get no information is just a scam that is so hard to get rid of you almost have to report your card lost, get a new card number & reject any further charges from this company [if you can call them that]. Oh well, a lesson learned.

    • profile image

      Guest 5 years ago

      Total Scam. They disable your sign in password so you are not able to cancel during the trial. When you request a password reset (because they've deceptively changed it), they never send it. AVOID AT ALL COST!

    • profile image

      matt 5 years ago

      does anyone know if you can find sound emails using names as the main search query? Let me know

    • profile image

      Robert Cadwalader 6 years ago is run by Sheldon and Lori Liebman, 5816 Lost Dutchman Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM. 2 phone numbers connected with the Liebmans are 505-332-8202 and 505-332 1284. They operate as L & S Marketing at the their home address.

    • profile image

      24 $ 7 years ago

      This product shows traders 4 specific methods for trading the Forex markets. We pay first-tier commissions of $681.45, and second-tier commissions of $194.70 per sale

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Please will you check for me if they are scam. they are take my details and id

    • profile image

      art 7 years ago

      emailfinder provided only wrong information or in one case incomplete information. i tried to get a refund of my subscription,but was unsuccessful. I only used the site once but would not again. I'm afraid that the subscription money will automatically be deducted from my account next year. Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Home Girl 8 years ago

      Life becomes scary. One day you might innocently walk in the park and meet yourself. But F.Dostoevsky already wrote about that. Only nowadays it does not sound like a complete fantasy.