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Email Marketing, How To Create Email Campaigns Using MailChimp Email Marketing Software

Updated on March 25, 2011

So, the final part of email marketing tutorial is how to send your emails to your newsletter subscribers using Mail Chimp.

I hope you have already read the first tutorial how to add newsletter subscription form in your blog. You need to have the form, to build your mailing list.

Plus, you have add in the evil pop up newsletter subscription form as well in your blog to increase the number of subscription.

To create your email campaign, is very easy. The briefs steps are as follows.

> Access Mail Chimp

> Click Campaign

> Create Campaign

> At Campaign Builder , choose regular ol champaign

> Choose the list your want to send emails, you could send to segment of your list or entire list.

> Add Campaign Info

> Select the template for the email.

> Edit the html email message as you want.

> Send a test email to your own email, check it is ok.

> Next, you need to check you plain text message, please note you don't need to edit, Mail chimp will follow the content of your html message. Just edit if necessary.

> Send a test plain text email message, if you to check.

> Just click Send Now to send the emails to your subscribers.

That's all to send your email.

If you like this tutorial, please digg it for me. Thank you.

Video tutorial below for the details.

HTML Email Campaign To Newsletter Subscribers
HTML Email Campaign To Newsletter Subscribers

Creating Email Campaign Using Mail Chimp


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