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The Power of Survey Software

Updated on January 12, 2012

Using survey software is one of the best ways to collect valuable data from the customers that offers you insight into their buying patterns. Survey software is incredibly versatile as you can add it to your website, social media page, or email it out to your customers. Email survey software is a great way to collect the information from your customers as they have a direct link to the software.

Online Survey Software

Thanks to the online survey software programs that are available it is easier than ever to create and to deploy a survey. If you opt for the email software you can send it out in HTML and it doesnít require a web server to run it. Once the file is completed by the customer it will be passed to you through a unique gateway known as Compressweb Formmail. The email will track the responses, giving you valuable customer information.

Customer Support

How can you send out the survey to your customers? It can be sent through an HTML email or you can choose to offer a URL code to the customers. Some companies choose to add the surveys to their email newsletters that go out to customers daily, weekly, or monthly. Once the survey is completed you will receive a notification and it will come back to you in email format. Using a program that filters the emails and formats that data for you is the best option so you do not need to deal with hours of data entry.

Just like any type of survey software you choose it is important that you take time to really do your research and find out just what type of survey software you are selecting. This will make it easier for you to be able to have the latest version and to ensure you are getting the best data out there.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are not a new concept but there have been great strides and improvements to the overall implementation of these questionnaires and your company stands to benefit exponentially from using these enhanced techniques. By utilizing these new and improved survey methods your company can learn exactly what you are doing right according to your current consumer base and the ways in which you could improve and expand your consumer base to include the untapped potential clientele that waits. The only way to insure the longevity of any business is to keep your company relevant and aware of your consumers needs.

The structure of the common consumer questionnaire has been vastly improved in recent years and the advent of higher technologies now allows for more specified questioning to keep the consumer taking the survey from losing interest and abandoning the process thus rendering their data unhelpful. New customer satisfaction surveys are able to determine which questions are most relevant for the individual survey taker and this keeps them from having to wade through a host of non-applicable questions as well as saves your company the time and effort of sifting through questions that have no relevance to your subject.

Other advantages found in utilizing customer satisfaction surveys are the easy access to real-time data and quick information regarding your consumer baseís perceptions and opinions of new products and services your company introduces. Real-time data is a necessary element of any successful business as up to the minute information is needed when making important decision regarding development and marketing of products and services. The same goes for understanding the acceptance rates and perceptions of new products and services as they are formed instead of waiting for profit margins to fall or rise. These elements of consumer surveys are vital to the constant growth and sustaining of any business.


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