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Email address book additions to improve your productivity

Updated on February 17, 2008

In the past I often found myself wishing I could do a number of tasks online without having to surf to a particular page, downloading special software, or logging into different accounts just to accomplish what should be a simple task.

The following are email addresses that will allow you to do a some of these things right from your email inbox. All you need to do is add them to your email address book, so they are always available, and you will be able to save yourself a lot of time.


First let me state I do not now, nor have I ever liked the PDF format. However, PDF files are sometimes required for submission to certain sites and often you receive PDFs and if you don't have the Adobe PDF viewer you have to go out and get it or you will be unable to view the file.

OK, that said, let me explain what Koolwire has to offer. Basically the folks at Koolwire offer a conversion service. You email the file to be converted to a special email address then sit back for a minute or two, now check your email and there you will have your file returned to you nicely converted!

The Koolwire service will convert from .pdf to .doc (MSWord) formats, from .doc to .pdf, a number of other formats to .pdf, and back and forth between .wav and .mp3 formats. For a list of what can be converted and the email addresses to use in each instance go to and check out the handy chart there.


Got a Flickr account and want to be able to upload pictures, label them, add a caption and even tags without having to go to their site and log in?

If you go to this URL it will give you an email address to send your pictures to and explain how to title, caption and tag them all, right from your email! I think this is a Very handy service and wish more sites offered it.


You can now upload a video to Youtube by email. This one takes a bit of setting up but is not difficult. Go to Youtube, create a mobile profile, and they will send you an email address. Now with the Youtube email address you can use your cellphone or your email to send video straight to the Youtube servers.


This handy little email address will allow you to find the dictionary definition of any word from your email. Just send an email to and in the subject put "define anyword". Just drop the quotation marks and replace anyword with the word you want defined. As soon as you send the email refresh your inbox and the definition will be there.


This last one is perhaps the best of the group. Sitting at work, school or on a cell phone and want to check on a webpage but the page is blocked or you are unable to use a browser on your phone? just send an email to then put the URL you want to view (for example in the subject line, send it, and after a couple minutes the webpage will be mailed to your inbox!!

I hope you enjoy these email addresses and that you find at least a few of them useful.

Please remember that if your school or company blocks a site and you use the last address listed here you may get in trouble, they usually block these for a reason and circumventing their blocks will be frowned upon!


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