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Email convention: "Formal" or "no formal"

Updated on May 1, 2016

Today, we have many ways to reach customers as email or the use of social media seal.

Some popular social network with a large amount of users as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube ... However, these social media channels are considered marketing tactics are not formal. Because, it is the social network, so it's no surprise that its content closely, humor .. to quickly attract more interaction with potential customers.

Blog is a form seems to have been widely used. They generate information, helpful articles on the web and is written in a friendly way, without too solemn to create intimacy with readers.

However, in this article, I did not mention blogging or social media. In this article, I will talk to you carefully about writing emails and formal level that businesses are allowed to apply when drafting them.

Email etiquette

To be fair, those who subscribe to your email newsletter is actually quite serious ones with the brand or product of your company, rather than only those who follow you on Facebook or Twitter. In other words, the people in your email list might actually become your customer.

This makes the e-mail address becomes much more serious than any social media else. That means that, compared to the tweet funny, weird, or post on Facebook, subscribe to email people expect a higher level of formality of the email you send to them.

Thus, formal or informal?

When sending emails to your customers, which can be a newsletter, an answer to one query from the client, or any other message that you see fit, you should try to create publications objects that, you're doing it different than on social media.

Social media channels are relatively necessary, and less expectation of conviction or formal. But, with emails, it is time to potential customers and contributing to register your business. This is best done when you attract attention in a solemn tone and serious.

These tips help you write email

Address the recipient by name

Always ensure that you have the recipient's address by using their names and their exact name. That makes your customers feel like they are special interest, not generic

Identify yourself

Your email can be plastered their logo and tagline, but make sure the first line of the email, you must identify yourself (ie using your name, rather than the company's you).

Indicate your intentions

Next, make sure that, in your full email why you are emailing. If you send advertising information, please indicate this. If you provide some exclusive content, please convey it. People will very quickly lost interest with your email if they do not find what they need immediately after opening the email.

Grammar and punctuation

There is no excuse for silly mistakes in your email. To obtain a registration is one of the very difficult job, but it took them an extremely simple thing. Your email address will backfire if your letter has not been interrupted, incorrect punctuation or grammatical errors suffering. They will lose trust with your business and unsubscribe. So, read carefully again before hitting send.


Your email formal than the tweet, but not so that you write emails that steady voice. This is an opportunity for you to present a professional face of your business, but not necessarily written with the tone too porters form. Depending on your type of business, you can use emoticons or exclamatory sentences are prone to be sympathetic to the audience.


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