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Emoticons and how they were invented

Updated on January 15, 2015
A random fact about emoticons:)
A random fact about emoticons:)

Emoticons have existed in the internet for many years almost everyone in the world uses them when communicating with other people in chat rooms, messenger, e-mail, and when texting. Another name for emoticons are the smiley faces thru time a lot of people have managed to ask the question of who started using the keyboard in order to come up with made up characters to express a feeling. Fortunately there are a few testimonies that tell of how the first emoticons started to appear.

The emoticon mistery

A man by the name of Scott E. Feldhman is said to be the first person who came up with a sideways smiley face. When the 1980s came around all computer users wanted to explore the many ways of making faces just by using the computer keyboard and that is when it all first started. Almost everybody wanted to figure out who invented a certain smiley character which in turns became a problem finding out for all involved.

More guesses....

In 1972 another person named Kevin Mckenzie is supposedly the one who started the whole movement of the emoticons when he did the -) without adding the two dots at the top to make the eyes. Now if a Google search is made on the earliest invention of the first emoticon then another year will come up 1979 but it would not be the confirmed year because nobody knows who it really was so it is really a clueless situation to figure out.

There are a lot of emoticons that exist these days that it is hard to keep track of all of the faces that have been made thru the years

Funny emoticons!
Funny emoticons!

What exactly are emoticons?

Emoticons are a list of characters that anyone can create with keyboard symbols and therefore they are used in communication websites such as Facebook, whats-app, Instagram, and chat-rooms some of the most popular emoticons are the smileys or also called smiling faces ( I like better the smiling faces name.)

A way that you can identify a smiley face in a message is when the colons make up the eyes the dash is the nose and finally the right parenthesis is the mouth.

Yahoo emoticons

If you still use yahoo messenger you know that there are a ton of creative emoticons available even there are some for the holidays which I think is cool.

My list of emoticons and smileys from Yahoo messenger

  • Happy smiley: : -) or :)
  • Very happy smiley: : -)) or :))
  • Big smile smiley: : -D or :D
  • surprised smiley: : -0 or :0
  • tongue sticking out: : -p or :p

Some of my favorite smiley faces.
Some of my favorite smiley faces.

Western Emoticons

  • Frown or sad face: >:[ :- ( :( :- c : c
  • Wink showing sadness: ; (
  • Straight face: : I : - I
  • Evil face: >: ) >; ) >: -)
  • Tongue in cheek: : -J

Eastern emoticons

  • Troubled face: (>_<) (>_<)>
  • Ultraman face: (0I0)
  • Confused face: ((+_+))
  • Shame face: (- _ -)
  • Tired face: (= _=)

The definition for emoticons

Emoticons are the expression of feelings without having to create body movements while at the same time grabbing the attention of readers they are usually made by using punctuation mark signals as well as letters and numbers. They can also be divided in to three groups western, horizontal for example (America or Europe) as well as in Eastern or Vertical (East Asia) another thing to know about emoticons is that cultures from around the world use parts of the face to show emotions the eyes can be important in the East and the rest of the face is rather used frequently more in the West.

Emoticons a new way of communicating


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