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Emoticons for Facebook Instant Messaging Chat

Updated on April 7, 2013

Facebook Chat Emoticons

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Smiley Faces EverywhereVery Animated emoticonsA Facebook Chat
Smiley Faces Everywhere
Smiley Faces Everywhere | Source
Very Animated emoticons
Very Animated emoticons | Source
A Facebook Chat
A Facebook Chat | Source

Use facebook emoticons when chatting with friends

Facebook is the place to stay in touch with friends for most people and has built into their chat system a series of fun and useful emoticons that help bring out your emotions through small icons while chatting. If you are familiar with instant messaging services like yahoo messanger you have probably encountered someone that likes to use emoticons while chatting whether it is a simple smile :) or a wink ;) there is also several other chat emoticons available to use. People that have only had facebook as there first real exposure to chatting online often may be unaware of all the fun emoticons and how to display them since facebook still requires you to have intimate knowledge of what to type to display a heart for the person you love <3 or if you are in the joking mood you can even stick your tongue out at someone :p .

Listed below are some of the most popular and a few oddball chat emoticons that you can use to spice up your facebook chats or even just use to make someone on the other side get a chuckle. I mean who really has a great use for inserting :|] which will make a robot appear in the chat window.If you have a good use for the robot though feel free to mention it in the comments.

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Facebook emoticon list

Have fun with the facebook chat next time you are chatting with someone on the social network make them laugh out loud, not simply LOL while remaining silent. Use the robot or shark to be fun.

  • <(") Penguin
  • :3 - Cat face
  • o:) Angel
  • 3:) Devil,demon
  • <3 A heart ,this is the shortest way to say i love you to someone you love
  • :|] Robot
  • (^^^) A Shark
  • :* give someone a kiss
  • :P Sticking out your tongue
  • ^_^ pleasant face
  • 8) glasses
  • :D smiley
  • :O surprise
  • :\ worried
  • O.o blank face or confused
  • :V pacman
  • >:( upset
  • :42: no. 42 in the red square box supposedly this mean like happy life? Who knew
  • :'( crying with tears
  • ;) wink
  • -_- squint

More Enhanced Emoticons


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