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Enable Full-Screen in Excel for easy presentation : Present your Spreadsheet in full screen

Updated on June 19, 2013

To present data in a class or a meeting, we often choose power point. But in case of showing data from a large spreadsheet, we should present them from Excel itself though using the full-screen mode.

Get yourself ready

To do the process, we are using a computer which has Microsoft Excel installed in it. Here, the process has been shown in a spreadsheet containing the sales data of an imaginary bookstore.

Steps to enable Full-Screen in Excel for easy presentation

Step 1: Click on the View tab from Excel Ribbon

Step 2: Click on Full-Screen option from the View Toolbar

Process to enable Full-Screen
Process to enable Full-Screen

Think more

Even then, if it is not visible quite good due to the screen size, you can always zoom in the spreadsheet view from the View toolbar easily.


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