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Enable UPnP On My Router

Updated on June 30, 2009

Enable UPnP On My Router

Enable UPnP On My Router

I am going to show you how to enable this feature on a WRT54G2 Linksys Router. Even though you might not have this exact router, this should give you basic steps on how to do it for your router.

Step 1: Find out what your routers IP’s address is.

Follow this link: to find out how

Step 2: Type in you Routers IP address on your favorite web browser.

Step 3: Enter the Credentials for your router

Note: default is User: admin, Password: admin

Step 4: Go to Administration

Step 5: At the bottom of the page you should see UPnP

Step 6: Select UPnP: enable

Step 7: Click “Save Settings”


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    • profile image

      john 4 years ago

      not lettin me

    • profile image

      kj 5 years ago

      how do you do it with a frontier modem

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      Whenever I type in my ip address in the address bar it just says unable to display Web Page it doesn't bring me to the router thing

    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      how do you do it with a motorola modem

    • profile image

      Connor 5 years ago

      I need to know how to sign in to UPnP

    • profile image

      jay 5 years ago

      didn't work

    • profile image

      arkid 5 years ago

      Itried this on my 'Echolife' and it worked fine. Thanks

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      401 Bad Request

      Cann't use wireless interface to access web.

    • profile image

      fuck you asshole 7 years ago

      MY name for the link you have showed

    • profile image

      Jose 7 years ago

      do u know hot to set it up with NetgearWGR614v9