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Energy C 100 Speaker Review

Updated on March 26, 2011

Energy C 100 Black Bookshelf Speakers

Energy C 100 Speakers are worth the price!
Energy C 100 Speakers are worth the price!

Energy C 100 Speaker Review

The Energy Speaker Company has been a leader in audio research since 1973, when they were involved in Psychoacoustic studies in Canada! Really? Yes, really. I think a HUB about psychoacoustics is up next in my line up. But that’s for another day.

According to Energy spokesman, ‘Energy took what they learned from early Canadian studies on psychoacoustics, and proceeded to achieve pure, accurate sound reproduction in three vital performance principles: flat on-axis frequency response with wide bandwidth; wide, constant dispersion; and low distortion and resonance (see our philosophy page for more).’ (See Below)

Bottom line—these speakers have great sound.

The C-Series design from Energy continues on with their history of providing crisp, clean tones while exhibiting full power. You’ll find no mud here. Beautifully balanced proportions and unrivaled fit and finish, the C-Series delivers amazing performance for the price. These little darlings have power, but know how to use it correctly.

The C 100’s employ a compact 2-way design. Something you can begin to appreciate directly after taking them out of the box. They can be placed in a multitude of locations or installations and still deliver great results—regardless of the musical genre. Because of  the speaker dimensions they can be stand mounted (somewhat expensive), bookshelf mounted (the best bet)or permanently installed on a wall (second best bet). This flexibility is integrated into the physical and acoustic design. And these speakers are easy to drive with almost any amplifier. Effective magnetic shielding work excellently to prevent interference with your television.

But what about the 3 main features of all Energy speakers? Well, according to Energy, they explain it this way:

Flat frequency Response
Flat frequency response is the ability of a speaker to reproduce the entire audio range in a uniform manner. By ensuring that no one frequency dominates over any other, Energy ensures that every sound is reproduced the way it was intended, as naturally as possible.

This is absolutely the one feature that they are not over stating. Push these speakers all you like and in the end you will hear how the song should sound. Loud and clear has never rang more true.

Wide and Constant Dispersion
This refers to sound—at all frequencies—which radiates from the loudspeaker, ideally in an even pattern, in all directions throughout the listening environment. In nature, sound radiates all around us. A speaker must be able to reproduce this as accurately as possible, thus spreading the sounds we hear constantly, consistently.

After firing the C-100's up I traversed the room and tilted my head. Dispersion was consistent and strong. I'm a firm believer that room acoustics are an integral part of your sound system. Any speaker can be undone by bad room acoustics, but C-100's seemed to perform well even in an unfurnished basement room. Once the Den was complete the sound just kept getting better.

Low Distortion & Resonance
While no speaker system is totally devoid of distortion or resonance characteristics—speaker systems with as much as 25-30% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at bass frequencies can still be considered "high end"—Energy consistently achieves significantly lower distortion levels in its entire line of speaker products. It's an improvement that is clearly audible.

I had absolutely no problems with THD. Even when boosting bass and mid towns to a level that would have caused a majority of speakers to fade and burn.

The end result is that Energy C-100 speakers are well worth the price for the quality. Bookshelf speakers come in a ton a packages and many are geared towards specific genres of music or are designed to accommodate a broader spectrum of sounds. The C-100's fall into the later category, without sacrificing the integrity of the music. These should be high on anyone's list as bookshelf speakers.

Perhaps that is why 35 percent of folks shopping for bookshelf speakers at Amazon purchased Energy C-100 Bookshelf Speakers.


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    • kiwi91 profile image

      kiwi91 7 years ago from USA

      I haven't bought a set of speakers in at least ten years because of apartment/condo living, but I will keep these in mind for down the road. Great speakers make music and TV a much more enjoyable experience.