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Energy Saving Appliances

Updated on June 9, 2013

Energy Saving Appliances

Energy Saving Appliances

Volume 2, Issue 10, June 9, 2013

Our homes and businesses benefit and contribute to energy saving, conservation, and sustainability when we employ energy saving appliances that create savings in our pockets. The appliances that we employ could be found in major appliance stores, retail stores, and online sites like Amazon and EBay. The appliances can be identified by looking for the Energy savings logo! Like the one Energy Star employs or General Electric, as well as other brand name quality products.

The conservation of electricity, gas, water, and energy saving has been around for centuries but technology and green energy forums have brought a great deal of emphasis on the benefits of using energy efficient products. From the introduction of eliminating usage of aerosols that damaged the environment to the use of solar, wind, turbines, and energy efficiency products has moved the nation forward in sustainability.

We still fall behind some countries in employing solar, but by education we are not too far in stepping ahead of what other countries or nations employ. For example, the fact that other nations in underdeveloped countries are employing solar as a means to better living at low costs and is more abundant in their country is apparent and shows how America has yet to employ more solar in homes and businesses.

The government has also shared and made available wonderful suggestions on how to best utilize different forms of energy and how to go about developing plans and suggests that we take an eleven item assessment on purchasing products for our benefit ( Some of the recommendations are:

  1. Estimating use of energy and just how much are you using.
  2. New advances in technology in heating, cooling, and electrical applications.
  3. How comfortable would you like your home to be?
  4. Affordability
  5. CPU Coolers or Conditioners
  6. Where is the most energy consumed and what is the most costly.
  7. 12 days of energy saving schedule and tracking
  8. Researching products
  9. How much $$$money$$$ will you save on upgrades.
  10. Economic Impact in your community.
  11. Improved Lifestyle changes.

The integration of some of the appliances and conservation could really save a family or business a tremendous amount of money that could be spent on other items, products, investments, and in our economy or local community. The different energy savings programs also have rebates, coupons, reimbursements, tax credits, and savings that will benefit and enhance your daily lifestyle.

Some of the appliances we talked about are Room air cleaners, refrigerators, washer, dryers, alarms, air conditioners, fans, vacuums, stoves, ovens, water filtration systems, solar (interior/exterior), ovens, microwaves, trash compost systems, dishwashers, computers, phones (cell/landline), lighting, and life alert systems.

It is important to evaluate your personal circumstances for example those who are elderly have life alert systems in place or security systems that will be of benefit and detect carbon monoxide or carbon in the air, falls, etc…

Everyone can benefit from use of energy saving products and it provides a wonderful reduction in energy. A way to find out just how much we use in energy and the appliances is on this site:

It will give you a detailed overview of just what type of appliance is consuming the most energy and is costing you the most money.

Appliances offer so many benefits to improve our lives and make it easier to live a more plentiful lifestyle. Appliances and technology in water, electrical, and gas saving is extremely important in making and moving your lifestyle into a more plentiful and beneficial path and contributes to a more effective and enhanced carbon footprint living legacy. When you think about it, it is more beneficial for our health, wellbeing, and legacy we will leave our children and society.






What type of product can you think of that needs upgrading energy savings?

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