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5 Energy Saving Tips

Updated on May 27, 2008

5 Energy Saving Tips

With oil prices ever increasing, the price of a barrel is now over the $125 mark. Consumers (that is you and me) are bearing the ultimate brunt, in terms of higher gas prices- as fuel prices also go up at the pump, higher energy prices – we now pay more than ever before for our domestic gas & energy bills.

The Environment too is feeling the pinch as we use more and more energy from non-green sources.

By saving energy, you are not only contributing to helping the environment but also saving money which you could put to use for other purposes.

Here are some great energy tips:

Switch to more energy efficient appliances.

Switch your old energy-hungry appliances to more energy efficient ones. For example your old energy hungry refrigerator costs you about $90.00 a year. Switch to an A-rated refrigerator and save about a quarter on your energy bills.

Use energy-saving lighting.

When you use energy saving bulbs for example you could reduce your energy bills by a whopping 75%. This is in the case where you replace all the bulbs in your home with energy saving light bulbs.

In case you are wondering about bedrooms, you have low-energy night lights for bedrooms and for the outdoors, there are solar-powered flood lights.

Solar-powered flood lights do not connect to your electricity mains, and use very low energy 10w halogen bulbs.

Avoid energy wastage when cooking.

When cooking, for example when boiling vegetables, only use enough water to just get them covered. That way you use less energy to bring the water to boil.

To make a cup of tea or coffee, or if you are boiling water for any other purpose,

only boil just the amount you need. To help you achieve this, use energy saving kettles.

Completely shut down appliances when they are not in use.

Always turn all your electrical appliances like TVs, Computers, Media players

completely off when you are not using them. Do not leave these gadgets on standby.

According to a research carried out in the UK, the amount of energy you need

to keep a TV on standby is the same as the amount of energy you will need to

pedal a bicycle up a hill.

Use Solar-powered gadgets or gadgets with alternative power sources to save energy


  • Solar bras. I just had to add these one. Ladies will be excited with this new amazing invention - the solar bra.

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  • Wind-up MP3 Player.This is an eco-friendly way to enjoy your music especially as no batteries or external power is required.

Have any energy Saving Tips? Share them with us here.

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