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Enjoy The New Way of Reading Books

Updated on February 3, 2011

book in my pocket

Right before Christmas I was hinting around that I'd like a Kindle reader and my kid impulsively sent me one. I heard it can store a couple thousand books on this quite small, thin wireless device that is carried in your purse or pocket rather than carry around a large bulky real book like I used to.

I've been known to carry a book into a night club where you're supposed to be having a fun night out. I'm quite a reader.

Now I have about 44 books stored on mine so far. You can also delete a book off it. It's a tiny computer really. I have the $139 model which means I must buy the wireless separately in order to download books from Amazon, which I haven't done that, as I'm counting my pennies presently and you really don't need to get the wireless as you can download books to your computer desktop, plug in the model I have to your computer with the usb plug that comes with it, open the Kindle, eject the kindle, drag the book file to your Kindle folder on your home computer, turn on the Kindle and your book magically is produced on this little contraption.

The Kindle has a tiny keyboard too for making notations and customizing the thing.

With the $189. model the wireless is up and running with no home computer especially needed for the mediator. However, with my model I took it to an internet cafe and downloaded some books which were in my price range, namely free! And I used their wireless network at the cafe for the price of a latte.

I really enjoy laying in bed with it reading as it's so easy to hold, so lightweight. I can read for hours without cramping my fingers up. Turning the pages is just a button lever. I can turn forwards or backwards with the arrow buttons.

You can dress your Kindle up if you want. There's decals. Mine is a funny looking hermit looking at the moon grinning..very mysterious looking. You don't have to buy a carrying case to protect it, that's optional; I placed mine in a zip up makeup back and it fits well. If I'm bored with my date, I just pull out my Kindle and say 'scuse me for a! just kidding.

The books you can download are more reasonably priced than regular books as you're not paying for a tree to be chopped down after all. Some are just a couple of bucks, and there are quite a few that are absolutely free, both fiction and non-fiction. It takes hours to browse the Kindle store.

There are other readers besides the Kindle from Amazon. I have read the reviews, most seem to favor the Kindle. I would recommend the $189 model, for the built in wireless. There is also an Amazon Kindle help line, the nice people there walked me through the process of downloading my books to my desk top and then transferring them to the reader which is only about 6 steps to follow, if you don't get the wireless built in. Also I was worried about downloading the books I already had saved to my computer.

I had no problem once I figured out the procedure of dropping them into my Kindle folder and which kinds of files are acceptable. Docs and PDF's are the easiest to load up.

You can make the typeface bigger on the Kindle too. It's a little tricky sometimes. You can read the book sideways or rectangular. Sideways reading makes for larger print available I discovered. The best part is building a library digital. I like the built in dictionary you can click on a word and it tells you what it means, then return to the same page you were reading.

It's really a neat gadget; I'm thinking of insuring it! Instead I just reach into my bag and pat it to see if it's still there!


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      7 years ago

      Nice review. I have been thinking about one, I will have to take another look.


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