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Print Envelopes with Word 2013 HP Error Paper Mismatch

Updated on September 8, 2014

Solution to Paper Mismatch message

After an hour of frustration trying to print an envelope with my HP 6520 series printer using the plain paper solution so effective with Word 2003 I hit on the correct solution. Office 2013 has a very easy and obvious way to print envelopes:

On the tool bar (the horizontal list with home) click MAILINGS. A dialog box will appear, click print, provided the printer is properly loaded (sealing tab to right and facing up) the envelope will print.

I was using a #10 business envelope, and pressing the print button is all it took. They are likely other adjustments that need be made to print other size envelopes.

Other Possible involved products

Word in the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of programs contains the solution to the problem. The HP printer itself or Windows 8 does not appear to be involved.


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