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Did You Know These Three Simple Advantages Of Solar Energy?

Updated on April 16, 2012


Solar energy is energy produced by the sun. People use this type of energy to provide heat and light in their homes. It increases the productivity of plants and vegetables, provides natural lighting, provides natural heating and cooling in homes, and provides water heating and cooling. Let's talk the advantages of solar energy.

Solar Energy Abundance

The first advantage of solar energy is that it is always abundant. The sun's power is everywhere, and human beings will not run out of it for time to come. Even in the winter, we still receive light and warmth from the sun's rays. This type of resource is long lasting, and will not always run out.

Environment Friendly

Last, it is safe for the environment. Unlike fossil fuels and nuclear power, the sun is clean. It will not cause any harm to human beings or pets. In addition, it is quiet. One of the important environment advantages of solar energy is that it will not disturb any animals in or near your home. It does not create noise pollution or gas pollution that may hurt living beings. It produces natural power whenever the sun shines.

Very Low Maintance Cost

Another one of the advantages of solar energy you do not have to worry about is that it is free. You do not have to purchase this type of power, however, there will be initial costs for setting up a solar power building or plant. Afterwards, you will not receive a bill for using the sun as a form of energy. This can save you hundreds or thousands on your energy bill each month.

Some Disadvantages To Consider

It is also important for an individual to consider the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. Find out how much it would cost to place solar panels on your home. Depending on your budget, you can choose to add on solar panels or to create a solar house. Additional costs also include wiring, installation, charger controller, and batteries. As of 2011, this could amount to $10,000 or more, according to the Solar Power at Home website.


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    • mastermind82 profile image

      mastermind82 7 years ago

      Hi Joe

      they would definitely work, the question is, how much power do you need.

      Their output is directly proportional to the amount of light and to the dimensions of the actual solar panels. I would say you could get proper calculations for your house from local authorities on this subject. You may also use it as a supplementary power resource to your existing ones.

      I would also suggest to checkout this