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You Should Buy an Ergonomic Keyboard

Updated on September 10, 2010

What is An Ergonomic Keyboard?

According to, ergonomic is defined as designing the job, equipment and workplace to fit the user. For a long time, computers were made to be efficient, cost effective and small. A keyboard was supposed to be a flat rectangular shape that you would use to input letters and numbers into your computer and a mouse was used to move the arrow on your screen.

In the modern era, with the increased use of computers in general, people started to notice injuries related to long term computer use. Most of these injuries occurred in the wrists of the users although shoulder and back problems were also very prevalent. This was due to the fact that people were spending long hours on their computers with their hands positioned in an awkward way in front of them.

Non Ergonomic Keyboards are Just Unnatural

Nature did not design us to sit in one place for a long time so people started having back problems. The solution to that were better chairs - ones that provided lumbar support and adjustable heights but there was still the problem of the unusual hand positioning that was required to type on the non ergonomic keyboard.

You see, it is just not natural for us to type with our wrists positioned the way they are. If you are typing on a normal rectangular non ergonomic keyboard, look at the way your hands are positioned. Most likely both your thumbs are resting parallel to each other on your keyboard's space bar and the tips of all your fingers are more or less parallel to the top of the keyboard.

This is an unnatural arrangement of your hands and over time can cause stress related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder problems. Now, straighten your wrists moving the fingers of both hands towards one another. Your thumbs should form an inverted "V" shape. This is a much more natural position for your hands. An Ergonomic Keyboard is basically designed to fit the natural position of your hands and some of them are incredibly designed works of art.

So How Much Time Do You Spend On The Computer?

A $3.5 million dollar study by the Nielson Company found that the average American spends 8 hours a day on the computer. (Source: With more and more people spending enormous amounts of time on their computers, it is no surprise that computer related injuries are becoming increasingly common.

Think about it, you spend the better part of your workday on the computer, and then you come home and check out your facebook profile, watch some YouTube videos or even entire movies and T.V. shows online. If you are a blogger, then you spend hours designing your site or writing content. If you are a coder, then you probably are familiar with the injuries that you can get working on your compute for extended periods of time.

Shouldn’t you invest in an ergonomic keyboard that would minimize this risk? Or better yet, invest in a keyboard that would make typing a sheer pleasure instead of a pain. How about an ergonomic keyboard that fits your natural wrist position to help you minimize typing mistakes? Imagine how much time that would save.

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