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Essential steps to take care of your USB drive and protect the information it contains.

Updated on April 10, 2011

Precautions you can take to care for flash memory cards and USB devices and protect data, documents and information contained therein.

It is very common today carry and store data, documents and other information in flash memory devices very practical for its characteristics as small size, portability and not rely on energy to operate, and that use that provides the computer or other computer that is connected. Have the disadvantage of having a file system extremely sensitive, easy to damage either for mechanical shocks, high temperatures or other we will see below. 

Precautions you should follow. 

1 - Never connect these devices into the front USB ports of desktop PC, the safe harbors are the rear, which are directly connected to the motherboard or motherboard. This is because in the assembly of these devices are sometimes not well connected or reverse the polarization of the front ports, which can be fatal to any device that connects them. 

2 - Always use the safe removal of devices, thereby ensuring that no file is opened in use by an application or program may be damaged. To do this you have the application icon in the notification area on the right side of your taskbar. 

You can also create a desktop icon that will serve as a shortcut for it, follow the following steps. 

Take a right click and the desktop and choose "New> Shortcut", on the road then you are asked to type or paste: rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll or you can use: hotplug.dll control. 

After creating the file gives a right-click it and choose Properties> "Change Icon" on the path to type or paste: C:\Windows\system32\hotplug.dll. That is all. 

3 - Every so often, according to how you use it to memory, save the data and format, and ensure proper cleansing and avoid unnecessary read and write operations due to fragmentation, keep in mind they have a limited amount of these operations in their lifetime. 

4 - If your device is only data and no mp3 player, also has a good data, use the NTFS format, this allows you to implement additional security measures such as prevention of copying and modification of data files with password protection and folders, regulate access, etc. Read how to do it on the next page: 

How to format flash memory cards, USB flash drive and other devices. 

5 - Vaccinate your device to prevent infection and creation of autorun.inf files for viruses and other malicious programs simply method is create a false and harmless autorun.inf file that prevents others who truly believe you can do damage, method very effective focus on prevention, you can use it by accessing the following website: 

USB flash vaccinated to prevent infection from viruses and other malicious programs. 

Other tips. 

In case of an apparent loss of data not panic, you may only do not display the files, but which remain in the device. 

This is always due to modification of the attributes of the device unit, caused by viruses and other malicious programs, if you are in that case and do not know how to manually restore the attributes, access to an online service where you can do it easily and recover information intact, go to the next page and save in your Favorites 

Retrieve and view hidden files found on USB flash drives. 

You also have the ability to download a file to do the task at a later time offline


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