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Ever Heard of Google Voice

Updated on November 13, 2014
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Consolidate and Coordinate Your Telecommunications.

Google Voice or (G.V.) is a communication hub, helping people break the chain attached to devices and land lines alike. G.V. lets you route all your phone numbers to one phone or, like wise set one of your phones to ring all of your numbers. Have your work phone ring your home phone. Have your home phone ring your cell phone. Have any phone ring the phone you want. With a Google number connect all your numbers anywhere you go with just one.

Google Voice Overall Experience

5 stars for Google Voice
Tip : Choose a number that is local for those who call you. Make it free for them to call useing a land line whenever they want.

An Add On with Loads of Features

G.V. is not a stand alone service provider but an add on and works in combination with a service provider. Any land line, mobile wireless or VoIP (voice over internet provider) customer with a working US number is eligible for a free G.V. number. Some wireless carriers are partnered with G.V already and wont need to get a new Google number to use all the awesome that G.v brings to the table.

Google Voice Features
Google Voice with a new Google Number
Google Voice added Through Sprint
Google Voice Lite
Number Porting
Use your exisiting number
Pick a new number
Make or recieve calls in email
Screen callers
Block callers
Personalized voice mail greetings
Voice mail transcription
Listen in
Text messages
Conference calling on the fly
Call forwarding
Call recording
Do not Disturb
Free calls with in U.S. & Canada
Cheep international calling

Number Porting with Google Voice $20.00

Porting a number is where you take your current mobile number away from the provider that it belongs to & make it a Google Voice number. That is how I think of it. This is how Google explains it I quote -- .With number porting you can port your mobile phone number into Google Voice, giving you all the same functionality of a custom Google Voice Number but, without having to get a brand new number. Please Note

  • Google Voice is not a wireless provider.
  • Do not stop your wireless service until porting has started.
  • Have a wireless provider ready before ending current services
  • A possible 3-5 day down time with porting process.
  • There is a one time fee for the porting process of $20.00 ( Twenty Dollars ).

Google & Sprint Team Up with 2 Choices

  • Your Current Number:Use Google Voice with your Sprint number as a Google Voice number. You will need to contact Sprint to sign up with your existing number.

  • A Google Number : Use a Google number to access all the handy & convenient features of GV on your Sprint wireless service.


Google Voice -- LITE

GV Lite is more or less Google Voice Mail. You keep your regular number to add rules to. You will get voice mail that acts like an email. Transcripts of your voice mail messages will be stored in the history of GV. The notes & share option work with the lite version to.

Google Voice Mail

Your new Google Voice number gives you all your messages in one spot. You can access your voice mail messages on the web or from a phone. Take notes with in the message and share when collaborating with colleagues. A Transcribed copy is saved in the history of your GV account automatically. You can have a copy sent to your email to save for safe keeping also.

Would You Listen In?

Knowing that you can listen to someone as they are leaving you a voice mail, would you?

See results

Listen In Feature

Just like a answering machine the Listen In feature lets you listen in undetected as the caller is talking to your voice mail. To activate this option simply press the number 2 on your handset when the call is announced. To listen undetected just listen, to pick up during the message press the star * button on your handset.

Google Voice & My Apple IPod 3rd Generation Touch

Believe it or not, Google & Apple play rather nice together. There are more than enough apps that allow free communication services on hand held devices. I already had GV on my Android so I figured why not try it on my IPod. That is right on my IPod. GV can turn your IPod into an IPhone more or less. Genius, it is absolute pure brilliance!

Required By Google to get Started

  • A Google Account: Gmail, Docs, Drive,G+ etc.
  • Touch-Tone Phone: Mobile or Land Line
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Mac, Linux
  • Web browser & up: IE 6, Firefox 3, Safari 3, or Google Chrome
  • Adobe Flash Player: 8 or above required

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    • sprickita profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Reno

      I am sorry for how you learned of Google Voice but that is a awesome loop hole for those outrageous long distance rates of inmate communications. Thank You for the tip , best wishes to you, your son and family. p.s thought id share that- I have had many incarcerated family members including my parents, it sucks but as much as it sucks it has had effects in my life that have made me stronger inside as well as appreciate time and love a great deal more. Hopefully it will not be long b4 you no longer need GV and can see and hug your boy.

    • Penny G profile image

      Penny Godfirnon 

      4 years ago from Southern Iowa

      I have had google for a while now. You see my son is in prison in Minnesota it saddens me to say. If he can call a local number it is much cheaper. He is the one who told me about it. SO all the family members got google numbers with the area code local to that prison and then he calls it and it rings us in Iowa as a local call.

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 

      5 years ago from Midwest

      I've been meaning to look into this. Thanks for the great hub voted up and pinned :)


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