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Everything To Know About iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

Updated on June 22, 2012
an iPad keyboard
an iPad keyboard

If you own an Apple iPad you must definitely have dreamed of a much bigger keyboard for the iPad. The Ipad keyboard when compared to the keypad of the iPhone is much bigger in size and is enough for almost all the applications for the iPad. However, when you are using the iPad for writing the article or your blog you would surely dream for a bigger iPad keyboard. The iPad bluetooth keyboard was launched for solving this problem.

You can find many types of iPad wireless keyboard in the market. Apple has also launched a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. The bluetooth keyboard for iPad has many features than the onscreen keyboard. The main feature is that it allows you access to much more keys than onscreen keypad. It also contains many special function keys that are specially designed for controlling your Ipad. There are also many shortcut keys in the iPad physical keyboard launched by the Apple.

The apple iPad keyboard is a little cheap as compared to the iPad keyboard dock. You can get the wireless keyboard at an unbelievable price of $70. However, you would need to spend another $29 for buying an iPad dock. You can buy the bluetooth keyboard either from the official Apple store or from online shopping websites. Websites like EBay and Amazon offers you a wide range of Wireless keyboards at unbelievable prices.

If you are mot interested in the Apple wireless keyboard you can check out the bluetooth keyboard of other companies. Most of these keyboards would be cheap as compared to the official Apple product. However, the quality of the keyboard is definitely higher in apple. Kensington Apple iPad bluetooth Keyboard is an ideal substitute for the official apple keyboard. The problem with this keyboard is that it is a little bit costly than the Apple keyboard. You can get them at a price of $69 from Amazon and Ebay. If you are looking for cheaper model then you can seriously consider the Flexible bluetooth Keyboard For Apple iPad. You can get it at a price of $29, which is only half the price of Apple keypad.

The Montek Flexible bluetooth keyboard is also an excellent choice for you. You can get it at an amazing price of $30 right from Amazon. This device is supported by all the Operating systems that includes Linux, Windows Mac and Ubuntu. So get the most Ideal iPad bluetooth keypad for your iPad and get streamed.


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