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Everything is Fine But No Sound on Computer!

Updated on February 3, 2011

For the past couple of days, on and off, I have spent hours troubleshooting the sudden loss of sound on my Toshiba Tecra laptop. It was working fine and then, poof!, no sound. So, this savvy literate computer owner went through all of the usual suspects and steps in trying to resolve it, wasting many, many hours.

I checked the software and hardware on my computer to see if any conflicts or non-working components, updated suspected drivers, downloaded others, tried the Microsoft Fix It program, spent time online reading up resolutions that others had, where, according to the computer diagnostics, everything was working just fine, there were NO issues with the sound cards or related software. Indeed, I was totally frustrated and about ready to call in pros for pay. I made sure nothing was muted, according to everything, there should be sound. I began to suspect it must be a hardware issue internally, something not worth fixing, because some of my function keys do not seem to work.

I was outside enjoying the warm California weather, sitting with the laptop, continuing my quest for an answer. This laptop I seldom use, so, I really do not know it well. As I was sitting back quite frustrated about my inability to get sound back again, I noticed a small dial on the side of it. At first, it baffled me, "what is this", I thought. I soon realized it was a volume dial, which was turned all the way down. WTF!!!

Once I reversed the dial, sound was blasting to my ears! OMG!! SOB!! I was laughing and angry at myself. You see, like many laptops, sound is lowered and raised using function keys, this I tried endlessly but it never worked leading me to think it was a hardware issue. This was reinforced by other function keys also did not work. It did not occur to me once that there was a manual volume dial on the side of the computer. In fact, my HP laptop does not have one, do the assumption is logical.

So, if your computer tells you nothing is wrong with the sound aspects, it is correct. Look for a volume dial somewhere on the computer!


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    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

      Yeah, I luck up every now and then just checking every connection and believe it or not I think I am just at the point of changing or putting new material all by myself on my new site and knowing my husband who put it up is dreading the day! lol