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Everything is Linux

Updated on March 31, 2009


I like Linux

It is also like UNIX and is very popular now a days. 

First I would say that i prefer Linux only always instead oh windows.It has good security features which windows don't have I think so.

And I started learning linux vefore 2 years and recently I completed Redhat Certification RHEL 5.I am so happy to see that I am redhat certified.

I use my linux knowledge and want to share that knowledge.I will share my
knowledge and also share my problems and solutions with all.

Diferent type of people can work in linux

People who knows Unix can work on this.
People who neeeds fine contorl over operating system
People who like to have change after working a lot in windows

Please feel free to dicuss here with me .

Let us update our knowledge towards linux.

Eveyrhitng is Linux



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