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Excel Gantt Template #01

Updated on August 3, 2011

For project management and planning, I use MSPROJECT most. Some time ago however, I needed to create something similar in EXCEL, so I was available join an link in the same file several types of information so that customers could use a single program and open a single file.
After numerous consultations and research on specialty websites and forums, I managed to create a model of planning with GANTT charts, with some functions of MSPROJECT, sufficient to cover the needs of that particular project and can thus be included in the Excel file I sent to my client that, otherwise, could only be presenting in another file MSPROJECT.
The example given here is greatly simplified compared to the final model. In time, I will share the evolution and the improvements that I have been increasing, thus adapting it to other projects. However, this allows to work already with bars and predecessors, indentation and wbs.

The versatility of Excel allows you to recreate, even with limitations, some features of other programs with the advantage of being able to create routines and automate links to diverse information, all within the same file.
Another advantage of these models in Excel is that we can manipulate its structure and adapt it to any other situation. It is worth remembering, however, it is necessary to understand something of VB, using Excel formulas and in general to be able to make any substantive changes.
For those who do not work or do not like the complexity of MSProject, who just needs a streamlined programming tool, I think this model could be useful.
I didn't care too much about the look and design. I worried more to spread the model.


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