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Excellent iPhone Apps!!

Updated on September 25, 2014

There are thousands and thousands of apps for the iPhone and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the ones for you. I have made a list of all of my favorite apps and their functions to help.

For the Traveler

For those of you that get around, I have a few favorites.

  • HotelPal - This app takes your current location and shows you EVERY hotel/motel/bed and breakfast in the vicinity in order of distance. It links the phone numbers as well as the address and allows for map guidance or general directions. You can also search an area that you are not currently in for when you wanna know where to stay in advance. A must have for frequent travelers.
  • FastFood - This app works the same as HotelPal but with places to eat. Despite the name it shows ALL of the places to eat including local only establishments and hard to find places and not just fast food chains.
  • Travel Tools (Frommer's) - This one is more for the international traveler and has all the information you could need when traveling out of the country. It has a currency converter, time translator, tip calculator and guides to many, many cities all over the world. It also helps you with a packing list feature and more cities can be downloaded to add the this apps already vast database.

For the Social Butterfly

This section is for the people who just cannot be disconnected from their social networks. I am one of these people unfortunately. There are apps for almost every social network out there but my favorites are:

  • Facebook - This one needs no explanation. I am merely suggesting the app for its amazing utility that makes it very much like the full site.
  • Twitter - Again I do not need to tell you about this one but I list it here because for a while, Twitter did not have its own app but rather 3rd party apps.
  • BeejiveIM - This app is basically the end all Instant Messenger app. It allows you to sign in to multiple IM accounts at once and puts all your friends from all your accounts into one list for easy chatting. It works with AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook IM, Google Talk, Jabber, MSN/Windows Live, Myspace IM, and Yahoo Messenger.
  • Plixi - Finally, this app is just used for easily uploading photos from your phone to most sites. It works well with Twitter.

For the Shopaholic

These apps are for people who need to shop on the go.

  • Craigsphone - Not much to say here, if you are familiar with then this app lets you view the mobile site and continue craigslisting from anywhere.
  • iGarageSale - This one is great for people that like to go to yard sales, garage sales, or estate sales. This add takes your current location and lists all the sales near you by order of distance. It does this by searching all of craigslist for garage sales and addresses and then placing them on a map with any pertinent information about the sale.
  • Walmart/Target/Best Buy - and pretty much every other major store chain including Home Depot,, Newegg, and Sears all have apps to help you keep up with where the nearest location is and the deals going on now and in the near future.

For the Financial Guru

Here you will find my favorite apps for managing finances. There is no shortage of this type of app but these are the easiest and most useful I have found so far.

  • Balance - This app is simply a way to easily keep up with and balance your checking and savings account with a few nice features to transfer between accounts among other things.
  • BillMinder - One of my favorites, this app keeps track of your bills and when they are due. It keeps track of when you pay them as well as the confirmation numbers of each payment and shows a calendar view so you will know just when you need to pay them.
  • Pageonce Bills - This app logs into all of your bill sites at once and monitors them to tell you when they are due, when they were paid, if the payment was accepted, the balance left on bills that can be paid to zero and many other great features.

For the Inquisitive

I always have questions and these apps always have answers.

  • Wikipedia - Just a mobile version of the full site by the same name and a GREAT source o information on almost ANY subject.
  • eHow - Again just a mobile version of the site How Stuff with great how-to videos and tons of reading material stuff works.
  • Google - Googles mobile search engine app....nothing to explain just a solid app for the curious.
  • Bing and BingMusic - These apps are both excellent. Bing is very similar to google with a little more emphasis on "best match" searches and BingMusic is loaded with information on music like lyrics, song info, artist info, and much more.

For the Listeners

If you are a music fan like I am then these awesome apps will serve you well.

  • BingMusic - Listed this one above but felt that it needed to be here as well. Great source for information on music and all things related.
  • Pandora - This app finds the kind of music you like and plays it for you via internet radio. It works great and has a HUGE listing of stations and songs.
  • Local Concerts (iLike Concerts) - This app uses your current location and lists all the concerts going on near you by order of distance. It shows the name of the venue as well as contact information and directions and it can save your favorite bands, music type, or location.
  • iheartradio - A radio app that allows you to listen to radio channels from all over the U.S. and save your favorites to listen to whenever and wherever you want. I must have for any music fan on the go.

For the Watchers

Movie buffs like myself will love these apps.

  • Netflix - Just a mobile version of the site by the same name allowing you to monitor and manipulate your service with Netflix. Great for watching movies on your phone in your down time or adjusting your movie queue.
  • Hulu Plus - Allows you to login to your Hulu account and watch movies or your favorite TV episodes of almost any show. Usually very up to date and sometimes even providing a sneak peak at a future episode.
  • TV Forecast - Keeps up with your favorite shows on TV by telling you when the next episode will air, when the last one aired and some general information about the show and the specific episodes.
  • Anime - The mobile version of the Anime Network allowing you to watch tons of anime for free.
  • Flixster (Movies) - By far the best app out there for people who love going to the movies. This app keeps track of release dates for every movie as well as showing you the nearest theaters to you and the show times. Also you can view trailers and read reviews/synopsis to really make a good decision as to what movie you wanna see. The app also shows DVD release dates for when you can't wait to see it again.

For the Gamers know who you are...

  • Armory (WoW) - Made as a mobile companion to the massively multi-player online role playing game, World of Warcraft, this app allows you to check the armory, view guild information, player information, talent specs and MUCH more. A great app for any fans of the game.
  • Inside Xbox - An app for Xbox Live gamers to keep track of their progress as players and view lots of other information about the Xbox Live community.
  • GamesRadar - Tons of useful information about all sorts of video games as well as cheats, walkthroughs, guides and reviews.
  • IGN - Same as game radar just a little more of everything including game news and reviews.
  • G4 - This is where you go for the most news, videos, and coverage of your favorite games or games that have yet to be released. An EXCELLENT source of information for gamers.

For the Apps I Missed

If there are any great apps that I missed please let me know...I am sure there are tons but this is just a short list of my favorites.


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