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Exit Device Trim and Controls

Updated on November 18, 2008


Typical nightlatch trim includes a cylinder hole and a pull. Key retracts latch or latches. Not all vertical rod devices are compatible with this kind of trim. Not available electrified.


With thumbpiece trim, the key locks and unlocks the thumbpiece. The trim remains unlocked until relocked by key. Some manufacturers offer this kind of trim electrically locked or unlocked.

Nightlatch Less Pull

Sometimes known as NL-OP (Night Latch Others' Pull) trim, nightlatch trim less pull is nothing more than a piece of metal into which the cylinder is installed. The pull may or may not be available from the manufacturer.

Like nightlatch function above, this trim is always locked. Key retracts latch.

Unavailable electrified.


Lever trim is available in passage (always unlocked), classroom (locked or unlocked by key), nightlatch (key retracts latch or latches), or dummy trim (acts as a pull only). This trim is usually handed, so know the way your door swings before ordering.

Available electrified, fail safe or fail secure.


This trim is called a cylinder control. It can work as a classroom function (locked and unlocked by key) or a quasi-storeroom function wherein it traps the key so that the key cannot be removed without relocking the control. It is used almost exclusively with those vertical rod exit devices in which the latches are take too much force to retract by key alone.

Unavailable electrified.

Dummy Trim

A dummy trim is a simple pull with no means of opening the exit device. These trims are used on the inactive leaves of pairs of doors, on exit devices with electric latch retraction, and on exit devices that are customarily dogged down to permit access to a space. A dummy trim is usually a version of another trim with no cylinder hole or moving parts. The trim shown at right is a Von Duprin 386DT which is the dummy trim version of the 386NL.

This kind of trim is unavailable electrified.

Exit Only

Exit only exit devices usually have nothing for trim on the outside, however several manufacturers offer exit only trim which consists of a blank plate which through-bolts to the head of the exit device.

Unavailable electrified.


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