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Experience writing website content WordPress

Updated on May 3, 2016

WordPress CMS is currently number one in the world, even account for 34% of the active site (according to the information of Tricks Website). With the advantages of quick installation, ease of use, more beautiful interface and template support WordPress diverse needs should become the first choice for small and medium enterprises.

In addition to your first choice theme "splendid" for its Web site, the content on the website writing that also need standards and accuracy. Therefore, to maximize the effectiveness of WordPress, I will share some personal experiences 1 to write content in WordPress.

1. The format must be "clean"

The content you write will usually choose the program MS Word to write original content, after editing will be copied to WordPress. However, most of you do not know that MS Word has its own identification code, so when you use the normal operation is Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V will unintentionally copy the formatting codes that are always on the editor WordPress workshop, breaking the website's standard format. One of the most visible examples is on your MS Word using the font Calibri, also commonly used font Arial website.

Format "clean" in its definition is that it does not contain the format generated from any editor other than WordPress. For his content with "clean" or not, you can check the display by selecting the text as shown below.

The new WordPress version (this article was written on WordPress version 4.1.2) was able to remove from MS Word format, preserving the clean format possible. However, WordPress also not always be able to handle it the best we need to do the best possible. The following is one of his few experiences:

The best way is to write directly to the content of the WordPress editor.
If content is available on MS Word writing program or other text editor. Please copy the whole content via Notepad ++ to remove formatting, and then copied to WordPress.
Use manipulation Paste as Text (Ctrl + Shift + V)
A more simple way, and most of them are successful, the Clear Formatting button's use WordPress (2nd row shaped eraser).
2. Standardize format

Format, in addition to "clean" have to "Standard", ie you have to define in advance the ingredients appear in the text: Title, Title I, the normal content, bold, italic, picture brother…

With headlines, subheads, please use format Heading 2 -> Heading 6 of WordPress. This has brought unity to the entire website, just support SEO. Absolutely no use of your methods inexperienced: bold, increase font size, capital letters or coloring.

Pictures of WordPress support fruit soup, soup between, on the right and inside write Caption editing functions.

With regular content, do not add any what format to keep consistency for the entire website. If you want to change this common format, we will fix it in the source code of the website.

Also, you can read more articles Onpage SEO Guidelines to know how a standard is the best.

3. Featured Image (Avatar)

An article should have one representative picture. At each site will have a representative image size "standard" best, most fit for the structure of this webiste. Therefore, you should prepare one image fit the standard size to be the best show possible.

WordPress displayed by theme, you just need to find the theme of the demo website, open an article with an avatar and see the size of the image that is. Then you just make an avatar for the articles in your website to size it.

4. Use SEO plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast SEO plugin support, and my favorite encourage use. It's very simple, and you can understand and use it easily in the documents to be shared on the internet a lot. Today, SEO is one part of the development of the website, so if you do SEO standards at the outset, later everything will be a lot easier.

5. Use Category & Tag

The use of Category & Tag helps you better content classification, grouping content easily and lookup later. The classification of good content will help sites become clear, easy to follow. Readers also handy in finding content to watch.

6. Use one of the plugin format support

A plugin that I like to use to support diversity is shortcodes Ultimate formats. It is available in many formats such beauty: rows, columns, boxes, notes, heading .... help us to better present text, clearer, more vivid.

7. Reduce the size Images

A website should be "lightweight as possible" so that people quickly access and read the information, and one of the causes of slow webiste is too big picture. Therefore, before the image is uploaded to the website you need to prepare one of steps:

Reduce the size of images with correct horizontal text frame (eg the site is 615px).
Use the Save for Web function (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S) in Phototshop to reduce image size (holding approximately 60% quality is best)

My personal experience is that if everything is standardized and accurate from the outset as the later work more comfortably and quickly. Imagine, if after a few years websites are not standardized, with about 200-300 sites need to change, it was a very tiring job. Therefore, please read this article and note out what to do for the website picture, guide website content writing team be in accordance with the principles set out.

If you have any additional questions or anything, please comment below and I'll respond as quickly as possible.


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