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Export Microsoft Project Data into Excel

Updated on November 17, 2010

If you are using Microsoft Project to schedule and track your projects, at some point you will probably want to export your project data into Excel.

Excel can then be used to analyse and summarise your project data using its wealth of features and formulas. This also helps with the distribution of your project data, as not everyone involved in the project may have Microsoft Project installed on their computer.

Exporting Project Data into Excel

This tutorial will look at exporting task information into Excel. To export Microsoft Project data into Excel;

1. Click File > Save As

2. Select a location for the Excel file, enter a filename and then click Save As Type drop list arrow and select Excel Workbook

3. Click Save

The Project Export Wizard appears with steps to take you through the process. Click Next

Using the Microsoft Project Export Wizard
Using the Microsoft Project Export Wizard

5. Click Selected Data as the format of the data you want to export and click Next

6. You are asked if you would like to use an existing map, or create a new map for your project data export. Some of the maps provided by project are useful and export necessary task, resource and cost data. However lets click New map and click Next

Creating a new map for an export from Microsoft Project
Creating a new map for an export from Microsoft Project

7. Select Tasks for the type of data to export and ensure the Export includes headers box is checked

8. The Task Mapping step of the Project Export Wizard is displayed. In the Destination worksheet name box, enter Tasks. This will appear on the Excel sheet tab

9. Ok now let’s map the fields. Under the Microsoft Office Project Field heading we will select the fields we want to export. In each row let’s select Name, Duration, Start, Finish, Critical and % Complete.

When selecting the fields, start to type the name into the field and this will jump through the list. A preview of the export is shown below

10. Click Next

Mapping task information in MS Project
Mapping task information in MS Project

11. The final stage of the wizard is to congratulate you on your work and offer you the opportunity to save your map. This is a good idea if this export is something you will do frequently and need across other projects you are involved with.

Click the Save Map button

Saving an export Microsoft Project map
Saving an export Microsoft Project map

12. Enter a Map Name of Task Information Export and click Save to add it to the list of existing maps

13. Click Finish

14. The Project data is exported and the Excel file is saved under the name and location specified earlier in the wizard

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    • almurray profile image

      Alan Murray 3 years ago from Ipswich, United Kingdom

      I have always rectified these formatting problems between Project and Excel using macros in Excel. Unfortunately there are an abundance of these formatting issues.

    • profile image

      katherine 3 years ago

      It works fine for me but my challenge is the format of the tasks kisted are all left justified wit h no formatting of the levels as they are in project - any ideas how to rectify?

    • profile image

      Zaini Mokhtar 4 years ago

      hi, having done that, is there a way for me to export that customized map i've made earlier so that i can share with my colleague?

    • almurray profile image

      Alan Murray 4 years ago from Ipswich, United Kingdom

      Without seeing your project and export I could not answer why. I would check that you selected the correct fields in the export map, and that you have project data to extract.

    • profile image

      Sam H. 4 years ago

      I've followed this procedure to the letter, but when I review the exported Excel document, the worksheet is blank.