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Mobile Communication Basics -External Cell Parameters

Updated on March 14, 2010
Mobile Communication Protocol Theory
Mobile Communication Protocol Theory

It is required to define correct data in external cells to have a proper inter-BSC handovers & inter-MSC handovers, especially values of Layer, Layer Threshold and Minimum DL Power of the candidate cell. This might be happened after the cutovers or wrong initial configuration by BSS team. Anyhow this will cause poor HO performance while increasing call drops. Further it will affect traffic balancing in border cells as well. Therefore we should give more priority to maintain correct external cell data inside the city area since there are many BSC borders. Therefore, it is better to give more priority to maintain correct external cell parameters.

Parameters mentioned in below tables are required to be checked such as layer, layer threshold, cell priority and Min DL level on Candidate Cell parameters of external cells. Concept behind this is external cell parameters must be equal to original cell parameters. In this case, your BSC’s external cell parameters should be equal to neighbour BSCs original cell parameters


  • 2G External Cell Name
  • BCCH No.
  • MNC
  • MCC
  • LAC
  • CI
  • NCC
  • BCC
  • Whether to Share MSC
  • Layer Where the Cell Is Located
  • Priority Level of Cell
  • Inter-layer Handover Threshold
  • Speed Penalty Value
  • Speed Penalty Time
  • Minimum DL Power of Candidate Handover Cell

When to check

  • After a BSC cutover
  • After define new neighbour plan
  • After change frequency plan (BCCH+BSIC)
  • After implementing a new LAC plan
  • After change other parameters which mentioned above (it is better to do external cell parameter audit at least once every 2 week since it is difficult to monitor all these parameter changes in daily basis)

How to check

  • Using Excel vlookup function
  • Nastar – import autocfg files of neighbour BSCs and your own BSC and run “Frequency & Neighbour Config. Para. Check”



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External Cell Parameters

It is required to define correct data in external cells to have a proper inter-BSC handovers & inter-MSC handovers, especially values of Layer, Layer Threshold and Minimum DL Power of the candidate cell. This...


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Please leave a comment before go-away...

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    • akmyamuna profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Dear Jay, It is very difficult to explain such a vast subject in my comment. I am planning to publish a hub on that subject. I will share it with you when I publish it.

      Dear Wirexhibi, Thanks for the encouragement.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi, This is quite informative. Can you elaborate more on role of Inter Layer Threshold for 900-1800 & 1800-900 handovers.

      Thanks in advance



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