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External Laptop Batteries

Updated on November 12, 2012

Small external battery

Having power juice on the go is an exciting idea for many. It's just exciting to think that you can have power packed into small compaq devices storing hours of use. No matter how long our battery last, it will just never be enough and having a power chord around make most people feel tied to wall outlets. There are, fortunately, several ways to carry extra power on second independent external batteries that will power the main battery.

Convenient models that will also poer devices

What is a Laptop external battery?

For laptop computers an internal battery last from 3 to 7 hours on a full charge. An external battery is available to bring a few more hours of power too. This second battery is powered with the same laptop charger and is small, light, and easy to carry around. It has a small cable that plugs into your laptop and brings at least 40% of charge on the low-end models and all the way up to 2 hours of useful power for high capacity external batteries. Some will power the computer and charge the battery at the same time while others will only power on the computer or charge the battery while the computer is off, but will not do both at the same time.

My own experience with one

I used one laptop external battery of low capacity. It would power the computer for 40 minutes while charging the internal battery up to 20%. The battery would last 15 more minutes on its 20% power and then my computer would hibernate for low battery. 20% more battery and 40 more minutes of use was really amazing for a $25 external battery about the size of an iPhone. Amazing!

One more quick tip

Laptop batteries are made to storage electricity into 3, 6, 9, or 12 cells. The more cells, the more space to pack power in. I recommend buying a 12 cells internal battery and a high capacity external battery to have a great time without wires and charging cables. Almost all external batteries are compaq in size and really convenient for traveling.

Mophie Juice Pack


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