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How to make cells and batteries last longer

Updated on March 25, 2014


Different kind of batteries
Different kind of batteries

Power problem

We need batteries nearly in all the electronic appliances we use today some batteries are rechargeable and some to be discarded .Be it cameras ,clocks, potable radios xylophones torch lights and toys .There are innumerable things that need batteries .

The dry cells are easy to use and are portable they are cheaper too (basically the one those are zinc- carbon )batteries .these dry cells convert chemical energy into electricity .

The other set of batteries are alkaline batteries ,these batteries are expensive .but they have long term benefits as they work for a longer periods as they retain their charge for longer period

Things we must know about the batteries.

Power:- this is the most common reason why the appliances go completely dead .so before you start fiddling with the appliances and keep banging it on your palm or taking it to the mechanic for repair thinking it's not working properly ,instead first try and replace the battery. As some appliances deplete the batteries faster than we expect .A Camera for instance need power for flash and motor or for LCD screen,shutting mechanism and many more thing.Thus a new battery is all it may need to start again and perform its functions .so be intelligent to seek the out what the problem could be .

Another way to restore the battery power is to clean the contacts of the battery operated appliances .In case your flashlight or a Walkman.gets oxidised we will see that the grimy contact holds the currents from free flowing .Now here is what we need to do :Clean the contact carefully with cotton dipped in cologne , alcohol ot nail polish remover .Beyond all this if the battery doesn't work and has stubborn grime coating then it is worth rubbing it with a sand paper until it shine .

Another important thing to remember is to buy batteries from a fast moving shop where thing do not stay for long as dry cells have short span of shelf life and may run out of power faster than one expects ife before buying check the dates as they have 18 months life .

Always use rechargeable cells for the gadgets for appliances such as Walkman radio toys as they need the recharge very often.these batteries may be costlier but they pay for their price as it can be charged again and again for few months on being recharged .You can keep one pair charged for your ready use if the one you are using get discharged .this is also applicable to mobile phones.It's recommendable to remove the batteries from the appliances when they are not in use for longer period ,as they may leak and spoil the appliances and leave them beyond repair .

we cannot remove the battery of a quartz watch ,in this case we need to pull the crown of the winding key so that it is put off

check the expiry date on the packet of the battery before buying do not simply buy the battery as they have 18 months expiry after being manufactured

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