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A Guide for Facebook Beginners

Updated on May 26, 2017

On using facebook

Facebook is a social network which is launched in the last decade.With no doubt we can say that facebook is a great place to communicate effectively,but do you think it has has some negative aspects that outnumber its advantages?It will become a disaster if we forget the fact that facebook is a social network and not a personal diary.We must remember the proverb "good fences make good neighbors".It simply means that there is a limit for anything and everything.

Why facebook?

Have you ever thought that how social medias like facebook got this much public support?Of course, it is because of the user friendly environment provided by the facebook.One can chat,upload photos,update status,comment photos,tag photos and many more..Whatever the facilities provided,the users have the responsibility to be wise on the web.With the help of facebook, one can contact with his dear ones who are too far away and communicating through telephone is too costly.Facebook has many advantages over e-mail.E-mail has become old-fashioned now a days.Some consider e-mail as a too official one.It is an advantage of facebook that it is cost effective.It has its own features to attract users...

A facebook sign in page
A facebook sign in page

Advantages of facebook

  1. It gives you more freedom which is often termed as privacy.
  2. It is a cheap method of communication.
  3. It has a more user friendly environment than e-mails.
  4. Decreases the distance between two people.
  5. An efficient way of linking between people.
  6. An efficient method of data sharing.

Disadvantages of facebook

  1. One can create fake profile.
  2. One must be providing wrong information to public.
  3. One can easily hack the account of another user.
  4. Any picture uploaded to this site may subjected to copyright.
  5. One can misuse the photos uploaded in another users profile.

Any social site like facebook can be used for helping your work or can be used while work unproductively. Its better to use facebook to support your work as many film directors do. Using facebook while work just consumes your time and distracts you from work.

Facebook Tutorial

Are you using facebook for work or while work?

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