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FVD Speed Dial: Mozilla Firefox Add-on Review

Updated on July 26, 2013

What Are Speed Dials?

Speed dials provide one-click access to your favorite websites directly from your homepage or new tab page. Using thumbnail previews for each dial, you can easily recognize which website you wish to visit. Alternatively, you can customize your dials by uploading an image or using an image from the Web for dial backgrounds. For example, you can use the Facebook logo rather than a thumbnail preview of the Facebook homepage. Speed dials can also be categorized into groups to help you keep your websites organized.

Download the FVD Speed Dial Add-On for Firefox via the link in the References section.

White Themed Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial
FVD Speed Dial

About the Author

Chad Davis has been a technology enthusiast and writer for the IT industry since 2004. He holds his Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Business Management. His professional experience includes technical writing, knowledge engineering, grant writing, web development and graphic design. He also loves fiddling with innovative new apps with the potential to enhance productivity, knowledge and social community interaction.

FVD Speed Dial

4 stars for "FVD Speed Dial" Add-On for Mozilla Firefox

Main Features

  • Speed Dial
  • Most Visited
  • Recently Closed
  • Passcode Lock
  • Custom Dials and Backgrounds
  • Import Dials from Other Add-ons


FVD Speed Dial offers plenty of settings that you can tweak to create a custom-tailored speed dial experience. To open the settings dialog menu, open FVD Speed Dial and then click the "Settings" icon which resembles a gear. Alternatively, click the drop-down arrow next to the add-on button in Firefox and then click "Global Options."

Settings --  Global Settings --  General tab
Settings -- Global Settings -- General tab

Global Settings - General

  • Check the "Make Speed Dial My Homepage" box and then select the "Speed Dial" radio button to use FVD Speed Dial as your Firefox homepage.

  • Uncheck "Disable Plugins" to generate more accurate thumbnail previews for your websites.

Settings --  Global Settings --  Appearance tab
Settings -- Global Settings -- Appearance tab

Global Settings - Appearance

  • Move the slider under "Dials Opacity" to enable transparency in your dials. You can also customize your dial sizes using the "Custom Dial Size" slider.

  • Click the "Theme" drop-down menu to enable the "Dark" theme for your dials.

Settings --  Speed Dial
Settings -- Speed Dial

Speed Dial Settings

  • If you have other speed dial add-ons in Firefox, such as Speed Dial, FVD may be able to import your speed dials and groups.

  • Click the "Start Import" button and then follow the instructions to select the add-on, dials and groups to import into your FVD Speed Dial.

Import Dials from Other Add-Ons

Import Dials / Groups from Another Add-On
Import Dials / Groups from Another Add-On
Settings --  Most Visited
Settings -- Most Visited
Settings   Recently Closed
Settings Recently Closed

Most Visited and Recently Closed Settings

  • Adjust the amount of dials to show by clicking the arrows next to the "Show Last" field.
  • Select the "All Time" radio under the Period section of the Most Visited settings page to show your top websites from all time.

Settings --  Background
Settings -- Background

Custom Background Settings

  • Customize your speed dial by selecting a custom color or associating an image for the background.

  • To select an image, click the "Type" drop-down menu under Image and then select a layout option. For example, select "Fill" to fill the entire background using an image. You can browse for a local image or paste the URL of an image from the Web to use as your background.

Custom Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial: Custom Background, Dials and Groups.
FVD Speed Dial: Custom Background, Dials and Groups.
Settings --  Text Color
Settings -- Text Color

Font Styles

You can customize the font style for text in the FVD Speed Dial. Select custom colors, font size and apply bold formatting to specific text elements. For example, checking the box next to "Bolder" under Title (For Dials) creates emphasis for the titles of your dials.

Settings --  Sync --  Sync tab
Settings -- Sync -- Sync tab

Sync with EverSync

If you aren't currently synchronizing your bookmarks, you can install the EverSync add-on to enable syncing of dials, groups, bookmarks and folders between Firefox and Chrome on multiple PCs.

Settings --  Sync --  Backup tab
Settings -- Sync -- Backup tab

Backup Dials and Settings

Create and restore backups of your FVD Speed Dial settings and dials using a local data file -- formatted with a .SD extension.

Settings --  Power Lock
Settings -- Power Lock

Speed Dial Lock

  • To lock your speed dial, click the red power button in the floating panel.

  • To unlock your speed dial, mouse-over the center of the page, enter your password into the field above "Unlock Speed Dial" and then click the "Unlock Speed Dial" button.

FVD Speed Dial: Unlock Speed Dial
FVD Speed Dial: Unlock Speed Dial

Improvements Analysis

  • Unfortunately, the add-on doesn't include the ability to automatically lock the speed dials when you close Firefox. Ideally the add-on would lock itself so other users on your computer won't be able to view your dials without your permission.

  • Needs the ability to customize the background of specific dial groups, independent of other group's backgrounds.



FVD Speed Dial - Developer Website

Mozilla Firefox: Add-Ons: FVD Speed Dial

How to Import Bookmarks to FVD Speed Dial

How to set FVD Speed Dial as Home Page


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    • Marilynn Dawson profile image

      Marilynn Dawson 3 years ago

      Thanks for this hub! I recently had to switch from Opera, and was sorely missing my speed dial! I found FVD, did a bit of customization, then forgot where I'd gone to adjust dial opacity. I found it again thanks to your hub.

    • chadwiki profile image

      Chad Davis 4 years ago

      The default / stock new tab page in Chrome is similar to FVD; however, the New Tab Page FVD Speed Dial is also available as an add-on for Chrome:

    • receivetipstricks profile image

      Mrinal Saha 4 years ago from Jaipur,India

      is that the one which is default in chrome ?