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DIY, Fabulous Planter from Recycled Pallet

Updated on February 18, 2016
The finished project
The finished project | Source

We’ve all seen those stacks of wooden pallets behind the shops in our neighborhood. All that wood waiting to be recycled into something really beautiful and useful. My husband and I picked up a big one and ended up with a beautiful planter for our backyard.

A pallet before
A pallet before

The Steps to Creating a Planter from a Pallet

1) Paint the wood with your desired color. I used Milk Paint for this palette, which is a very old type of paint. It has weathered very well. It is completely non-toxic and comes in some great colors. I chose brick red because our deck is that color.

2) We added angled feet to bottom of pallet for stability because we didn’t want to attach it to the wall behind it. We were renting the house, and we wanted to be able to take the pallet with us when we moved. This isn’t necessary if you intend to attach it securely to a wall or fence.

3) Put pallet in place and attach firmly at top and on sides.

4) Add a decorative painting at the top if you want to. This is one of my addictions, given the chance, I will paint on anything that stays still or that’s moving slowly. For examples, check out my website to see my murals.

Our pallet in progress
Our pallet in progress | Source

5) Create pockets to hang in each slot. I used landscaping cloth and sewed the pockets with heavy duty thread and a large needle. Then I stapled the front lip of the pocket to a square dowel wider than the opening and the same width as the palette spacer it rests on. That keeps the pocket from falling into the interior of the palette.

Staple the back of the landscape fabric pocket to another square dowel slightly narrower than the opening of the palette. My husband used large staples to form a pocket for the dowel to fit in on each end.


6) Staple landscaping cloth across the back of the palette (optional).

Landscape Fabric Stapled on Back of Palette
Landscape Fabric Stapled on Back of Palette

7) Fill pockets with manure, topsoil and plants.

8) Fit pockets into spaces in pallet.

9) Water plants like crazy until they are rooted and settled into their awesome new home.

10) Enjoy!!!!!

Side supports are optional
Side supports are optional


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