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Facbook, Facebok & Faceboook!

Updated on December 8, 2012

In this article entitled 'Faceboook', I thought I would once again talk about a common error people make when they search for their favorite websites, I think at least if they land on my page they will find something funny and informative to read at the same time. I have already created a page for people who accidently spell Google wrong, surprisingly some Facebook keywords returned higher search numbers! probably due to it being a popular method of people communicating in this day and age rather than looking for information.

I thought I would entitle this capsule with faceboook firstly because it is one of the bogus websites I wanted to warn you about. It is one of those sites which includes pop-ups telling you 'You've been selected for a free prize draw', I know how frustrating these can be especially if your in a rush to find something, at least this way you will know to avoid it by being careful.

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Luckily Facebook bought a lot of the addresses associated with their own name to avoid spammers cashing in, they basically said a polite 'P'-off to scheming marketing strategists. Web domains such as facbook, faacebook and faceboo will now redirect you to the official website.

However be aware of the following names because ffacebook, faccebook, faceebook, fasebook and facebookk will redirect you to another 'survey' site called 'freebiefrog' and is littered with promises of free tech gear.

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Once again, with this website - facebok is another answer simple questions to win a macbook air or iPhone4, you are not going to find anything remotely entertaining here like you might find on Facebook or at the Bok center arena in Oklahoma.

You should make it a priority to monitor the addresses you type in your browser address bar anyway because one of the biggest identity scams on the internet(phishing) relies on making people believe at a glance, that they are on the genuine website. If you land on one of these fake sites and enter you facebok login, all your private messages could read! You could also change your facebook login password on a regular basis to help prevent this.

You may not have noticed how I slipped the word's facebok login in the last paragraph but 100's of thousands of people search for the phrases facebok login, facbook login and fcebook login each month.

You may also remember my other similar hub regarding the mis-typing of the Youtube address, maybe it is because these two websites are aimed at youngsters and young energy + excessive typing = 11 million monthy views for the word facebok.

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Fecebook or Fabebook?

For my next keywords I would like to discuss the websites that are fecebook or fabebook, these will direct you to a supposed 'Payday Loans' search engine in the case of or to a similar search tool layered with google style ads for

What I can't understand is why fabebook would receive upto 50,000 views a month, let alone 5,000,000 for the word fecebook, whether these people are all Dyslexic I do not know but I can sympathize if this is the situation.

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I have given this capsule the title faceboo but don't worry you aren't in for any final surprises! I just forgot to add it to the list of safe sites, you will be redirected to the official Facebook website if you accidently type

One issue which causes millions of people to search incorrectly seems to be that people don't realize Facebook is all one word! 30,000,000 people type 'face book' into search engines each month, fece book, fce book and face boo also receive in the tens of thousands.

On that note, how many people out of all those millions do you think has never visited Facebook before to know it is one word? I will leave you with that thought since it baffles me that people can make this many typo's!

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