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Face Training UK Nintendo DSi

Updated on November 24, 2010

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Nintendo Release New Game

Nintendo have been hard at work trying to come up with more ways to stay at the top of the game when it comes to the console market. They have decided to release their UK version of the Face Training that the Japanese have had for the last three years.

Nintendo realised that not only was this game brilliant at what it does, but that there was room in the market to target at their main buyers. Researchers had recognised that over a third of their business came from women. In fact both male and females had warmed to the Nintendo DSi, previously having ignored the gaming market. Nintendo had seemed to find a niche with their Brain Training and encouraged people to explore this new phenomenon.

Like Brain Training the Face Training will leave people improved after use, they will benefit them selves from the activity so it is well worth the time to train.

Nintendo have launched this game in time for the Christmas rush and shall no doubt do pretty well. Its well thought out and has three years of testimonal with it from Japan.

Face Training with Yoga Facial Exercises

It’s time to dig out your Nintendo DSi, and have a go with the new Face Training from Nintendo. This game instructional trainer is all about improving your skin, the Nintendo will have you watch the trainer on the one side of the screen and get you to mimic the face pulling contortions. You'll able to see yourself on the right hand side screen, so that you can make sure you're doing them properly.

This easy to use instructional trainer is fun and easy to use, getting you to perform facial exercises that will help improve the look of your skin.

I'm thinking this will be great on Christmas day when you get your granny to have a go after a few Sherry’s. Possibly not a DSi game to do on a crowded bus, not unless you want to put a smile on someone’s face!

The Nintendo DSi Face Training aims to improve circulation to the face by exercising the muscles. This will keep the skin supplied with oxygen and promises to improve the surface texture and appearance of the skin.

Just as people who have a facial weekly, this kind of exercise helps hold back the signs of aging and improves the way the skin looks.

The UK ambassador for this new DSi Face Training is Danielle Collins the UK's leading voice on Face Yoga. Danielle Collins is highly thought of in the Yoga world and is quite

Launch of DSi Camera

Previously people have been adapting there old Nintendo DSi with an adaptation to the console by retrofitting a camera to the GBA slot.

The addition is quite small and looks good, however Nintendo will be launching there own new Nintendo DSi Camera that will have the camera integral to the machine.

This release should coincide with the Christmas sales so watch this space for the all new camera DSi.

Nintendo DSi Launch Party


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