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FaceBook STOP the Games notices

Updated on October 15, 2013
Don Bobbitt profile image

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 7 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

Facebook - a great idea.


OK, I am on Facebook!

I joined it because it was a way to keep up with Friends and members of my family in a centralized and controlled way, without having to write dozens of emails to all of them.

I studied the system before I signed on, and it looked great.

SO, I took the Plunge.

I dutifully answered their questions, and allowed just enough access to certain specific, and personal, data for my friends, without actually "opening my Kimono" of private information far enough for those slimy personal data thieves on the web, to hurt me.

I then searched for and became "friends" with family members that I wanted to keep up with, and those family members, that I actually wanted to know what I was doing or thinking at the time.

I then sat back and watched, as well as posting an occasional picture, or status update out there in FaceBook land for all of my friends to see.

And, all was good in the world!

Then, I started requesting some old and new friends to be my "FaceBook friends". I watched as everything seemed to go well.

I could log onto FaceBook, and there was a list of varied and often, actually interesting, information on my own little sampling of the world.

Some people ended up worth reading about, and sad to say, there were some people that were really boring. But, this was generally the way they were in real life anyway, so no real surprises so far.

Providing Links

I write a couple of Blogs about Camping and RVing, so I attached links to them on my page, in the hopes that I would expand my audience with these Blogs, and provide a central site for all of my friends to access these Blogs.

I also write occasional Hub Pages (obviously, as you are reading this one), on varied subjects and in varied formats.

I have written some pages of Poetry, some RV information, some commentary, and even a number of short stories about what I feel are significant happenings in my life. Mostly for my own personal entertainment.

And, FaceBook allows me to send each of my Hubs to my FaceBook page, and thus my FaceBook friends and family.

All of these are the real strengths of FaceBook, to me, and, again All was Good!

I constantly hope for comments and even criticism, so I can learn to be a better writer.

But, So far, to date, I have had very little feedback. Just not interesting enough, I guess.

And, it seems, honesty, that I need to display family pictures, discuss how bored I am, or make comments about sports teams and players, etc, to get the attention of most of my "friends".

But, that also is OK.

It is a Social Media communications package for the masses, not some highbrow forum for changing our lives or the world. It seems that most "FaceBookers" dodge the tough subjects.

Now, don;t get upset with me! I am just writing about what I see in my little microcosm of the FaceBook world.

And Yes, I know that I can make any number of forums and news systems my "friend" and be inundated with the world's news and problems, along with a wealth of commentary on just about anything.

But, that is not what I signed on to FaceBook for.

I signed on to have a centralized collection of what is going on, in my personal and preferred, world, of friends and family.

Face it, in today's world, I have plenty of access to the more serious world of communications via many other media.

Games - my personal complaint

All of what I have mentioned is what I consider a good thing about being on FaceBook.

But, I do have one major complaint.

What I have watched grow over the past year is the number of people that are playing games on FaceBook.

OK, calm down!

I like games myself. I have and do play games ..... sometimes. Not for hours every day!

And, I know that they are addictive. You can end up being drawn into some games for hours in an attempt to win, or at least gain more "points"

Been there, Done That, and will do it again in the future, I am sure.

My core problem on FaceBook is the fact that if your friends are players of FaceBook games, then for some reason, they and FaceBook think it is important that every time they reach another level in a game, or need a rutabaga for their farm, or whatever, well, this is cause for a broadcast to their friends.

Now, I don't mind knowing that a friend has reached what they consider is a milestone in their game playing ...... occasionally, that is.

And most of my friends that pay games, end up only generating one of these status broadcasts every day or so.

That is fine. No Problem!

But there are some seriously "game addicted" people out there, and I have a few of them as friends.

One particular friend, must play every game they have on FaceBook, because it is nothing for my page to show over a dozen game status updates each and every day from him.

This ends up being a major nuisance when you sign on, looking to see how all of your friends are doing.

You Know: Is someone ill? Is someone going on a trip or vacation? Is someone having a birthday that you might have forgotten, or couldn't get to?

Or, Look at this great picture; of your granddaughter, of this Sunset, of this Beach, or whatever.

You know, the Good Stuff!

What upsets me sometimes, is the fact that I have to scroll through these game status updates to get to the Good Stuff!

I don't want to block my friends, I care about them, I really want to "be connected" to them. But I do want to minimize this trivial gaming information. Somehow.

Facebook, how about a single line notice of this game trivia, that can be clicked on by those friends out there that might, for some unknown reason, care about these games.

Then, the rest of us can maximize our access to the Good Stuff, without scrolling through page after page of this game Crap?

Just a thought!

My Rights and Your Rights


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    • profile image

      Nancy Schusterman 

      7 years ago

      I get duplcate gmes on my facebook ! It takes me a long time to hide them ! All are from a few friends and I am totally not interested in the games. Seeing one on the Facebook ,is bad enough,but for reasons unknown to me,the game post are in triple posts! Help,help,help !


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