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Facebook 2 - Is Facebook Two Real?

Updated on May 20, 2011

Is there a Facebook 2?

I was logging into my MSN email account yesterday when I noticed a headline 'Does this girl own the Facebook 2?' and this immediately indicated to me that they were discussing whether somebody could design the 'next Facebook' or 'next big thing'. I read further to find out that the girl in the article was Catherine Cook, the girl who designed with her brother when she was only 16 years old because she was dissatisfied with the selection of photos at her high school.

Personally I am not a big fan of MyYearbook, the original concept was a good idea but after Catherine hired a bunch of contractors to work on the site I believe it has become over crowed with 'emoticons' which you don't see when you login to Facebook.

Facebook News

After reading this article it did make me wonder if there was a Facebook 2 so I did a Google search and found some interesting results, remember this would be big Facebook news if it was true! 

There is a Facebook 2 but its not by the official designers or Mark Zuckerburg, the designer has called the website the 'NewNewFacebook' and was created using the address and social networking script. The design of the site actually looks pretty cool, it has a city landscape background image with light blue typography, he said it was created for anybody who was annoyed at the official Facebook's alterations. I wanted to sign up so I could see the features available but was greeted with a message saying the Ning network was down.

Web Design Cowboys
Web Design Cowboys


I really wanted to give a big 'Faceboo, boooo get off the stage' to the next page I came across and it was actually a Facebook group I found ranking second on the search results. The group was entitled 'Facebook 2' and for some reason 1,109 people had 'liked' it with no indication on the page of any software or information about a new Facebook.

The comment section was filled with comments by eager social networkers asking 'Can I be part of Facebook 2?' or 'Whats Facebook 2?', it makes me wonder if people actually read what they surf online. The only blog posts on this page were links to irrelevant online stores and I believe this was a desperate attempt by an online marketing cowboy to get traffic.

Photo courtesy of blake4tx

Facebook 2 - Old News, Fake Gossip
Facebook 2 - Old News, Fake Gossip

Facebook not working?

Next time you get a pop up while chatting to friends that says 'Facebook not working', instead of going to search for the next new Facebook why not calm down, read carefully what your viewing and don't believe the hype!

Below I thought I would include an interesting video I spotted whilst searching on Youtube for Facebook two, I liked the many facts about social networking and the Fatboy Slim song they chose to accompany it!

Photo courtesy of c-a-m-i


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