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Facebook Allows You to See Relationship Breakups

Updated on March 5, 2011

R U Single Again?

A computer whiz, 24 yr old, Loewenherz, living in Beverly Hills, CA., was listening to his fiancee and her mom discussing a potential love match for a friend and then discovered on Facebook that the dude was already in a relationship. That simple thing got him to think. He told them he would create an application that would allow them to see when the guy was "available" again.

Viola! Done. He created a Breakup Notification e-mail that informs when a "friend" in your circle changes their relationship status to single. Simple. Once the application had been completed, Loewneherz, sent it to a few friends and within days, 100,000 people wanted it. Now, over three million users on Facebook have signed up for it. The simple application only took a few hours to create.

The application is now approved by the Gods at Facebook who, despite claiming privacy is important to them, seem to allow just about anything on Facebook. It is being translated into many languages now. Since this is a "third party" application, make sure the "allow button" is activated in your Settings.


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