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Facebook Applications - Past, Present and Future

Updated on April 25, 2012

Facebook Applications


Growing Apps

Facebook Applications

Beginnings of Facebook Applications

The development of Facebook applications came along with the surge of interest in social networking.

The ability to share information with our networks, across a seemingly limitless boundary, has proved irresistible to over 750 million users.

Facebook itself has become an application, one that has proved to be increasingly popular with Angry Birds and Facebook being named the most popular iPhone apps of 2011.

People expect things to be done faster than ever before and apps allow for this form of increased functionality. It makes sense therefore for Facebook to make apps built around its functionality available. Especially considering a large percentage of internet time is comparably spent on social networking.

Most Popular Facebook Applications

The popularity of a Facebook application can be measured by its monthly active users. Testing the longevity of a product is also essential as there are many applications that may initially be popular but lose momentum as the quality of the app is revealed.

Not confined to any particular category, Facebook applications are wide and varying whereby apps can include looking after a virtual farm in the popularised ‘Farmville’ to practical, organisational apps such as ‘30Boxes’ which allows you to track yours and other colleagues schedules.

Arcade - with 14.2 million monthly active users, offers three games with the fast casual action of the arcade genre.

Word- has 13.8 million monthly active users, and relies on similar principles of Scrabble. Enabling game play with friends both on mobile and desktop devices.

Business based app also have relevance within the Facebook forum. Payvment E-Commerce Storefront create virtual storefronts on Facebook and allow you to launch a free store in a matter of minutes.

Static FBML serves as another example which allow you to customise Facebook pages with a wide range of acceptable internet languages on board.

What’s Next for Facebook Applications

Facebook demonstrated substantial success more recently with the introduction of music sharing software. Led by media giant ‘Spotify’, the music sharing aspect enables users to share the latest song they are listening to with their networks.

Facebook has also enabled users to download an application that lets them share what articles they are reading. With sites such as ‘The Guardian’ on board, article sharing has become a growing success and indicates the desire for users to share as much as possible with their social networks.

Now set to release a series of 60 new Facebook applications to let users share more and is said to expand the number of apps available significantly.

One of these new developments includes the latest feature of Facebook that turns users’ profiles into virtual scrapbooks, with a timeline in place that allows you to track your Facebook movements from several of years ago.

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