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Facebook Emoticons for Chat Messaging and Comments: Doctor Who, Anime and More

Updated on January 9, 2014
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I am interested in all things Entertainment, including style, movies, celebrities and TV, action, comedies and sci-fi and even video games.

I guess we all have different motives for using Facebook: For pleasure and fun or business and money.

So, I guess this information here is meant for those who like to have fun with Facebook. But you could always mix business with pleasure. At least, I've always found it profitable.

There are basic emoticons used on Facebook that many experienced users are familiar with. There are some that work just in chat and messaging but not in comments. Near the end I'll cover some of the emoticons you can use in chat, messaging and comments.

First I'd like to cover some more specialized emoticons.

Facebook emoticons.
Facebook emoticons. | Source

Doctor Who Emoticons for Facebook Chat Messaging

So, Doctor Who has become enormously popular. Many fans are celebrating their hero and the many colorful characters of the British science fiction program with friends on social media. It's an exciting show and die-hard fans can't help but get excited or distraught about who their favorite Doctor is, what will happen to their Doctor and how tragic it is when their favorite Doctor has to move on after a regeneration.

This probably sounds like gibberish to those who don't watch the show. But those who watch the show know what I'm talking about. And there are some cool emoticons straight from Doctor Who that you can use in Facebook chat.

So, to add a little fun to your Doctor Who chatting, you can use some of these Doctor Who emoticons.

Doctor Who Emoticons Codes


Facebook Emoticons: Japanese Anime, Manga and More

Some of you are fans of Japanese Anime and Manga and cute little Hello Kitty stuff. Japanese animation, toys and games have become hot items around the world. Pokémon, Konata Izumi, various animated and cute characters that fly into action with martial arts moves and magic and what-not.

Well, there's emoticons for those colorful characters. Here's the codes for some of them.

Anime and Manga Emoticons Codes


I added a couple other ones in there like Sponge Bob and Angry Bird. Well, they're still fun, so they belong on the list.

What's your favorite emoticons?

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Rage Face and Troll Emoticons for Facebook Chat Message

If you're really into memes and other aspects of Internet culture, you might want to throw out a Rage Face or Troll Face once in a while for the lulz of it. Or if you're not into all that, just pretend you're hip and use one of these emoticons anyway. They might believe it!

Rage Face and Troll Face Emoticons Codes


Basic Emoticons that Work in Chat and Facebook Comments

So, here are some of the basics, emoticons from the old days; some are very simple, some a little more involved. They're good for chat, simple yet versatile. Never know what you're going to want to say and how you'll want to say pictures!

Basic Facebook Emoticons Codes


Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask Emoticon

This one's a bit of a treasure because it actually comes out on chat and messaging nice and big. It will also be a delight to those supportive of Anonymous activists and even fans of V for Vendetta.

So, here's the code for the the Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask:

Anonymous Guy Fawkes Emoticon Code


I use emoticons on Facebook

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Some More Fun Emoticons For Facebook Chat Messaging

These are generally fun and you'll have to choose which situations to throw them up in chat. I guess they're a bit sophisticated in a way, you could be talking about stopping at Mickey D's for some fast food after you have coffee and pizza because she broke your heart. I don't know. I guess that's sophisticated.

I don't know, but there seems to be one for every occasion; for when you're having cake or coffee; for when your heart's broken or when you're falling in love; for when you want junk food...Oh, you get the idea!

More Fun Facebook Emoticons Codes


Facebook Profiles and Logos

Any Facebook Profile can become an emoticon. If you use double brackets on each end of your profile user name, you can create an emoticon of your profile picture in Facebook chat and message.

Consequently, you can also get a lot of logos using this method. Experiment with a few major companies. You can start with Facebook, then you can try Firefox and Android; you can even try McDonalds. See what happens.

Using the Alt Key to Make Emoticons

Turns out if you hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and then hit a number, you'll get an emoticon. Go ahead and try it! Hold down the Alt button and then hit the number 1. Then try it with 2, then 3 and so on. It's good fun.

The Alphabet in Facebook Emoticons

Turns out you can also turn each letter of the alphabet into emoticons. I kid you not!

Check them out here.

Alphabet Emoticons Codes


So there you have it. Surprise your friends, have a little fun and socialize the fun way; on the Internet, on social media, of course.

But afterword, maybe actually join one of your friends for some [[]] in the real, non-cyber, world.


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