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Facebook: Five Reasons Why I Stopped Using It (And Why You Should, Too!)

Updated on March 21, 2012

5. It is just another tedious task to do as if we did not have enough having to check our text messages, voicemails, paper mail, both personal and business emails, and that stupid celebrity-endorsed Twitter. It hinders productivity by becoming another obsession and reason to not get important things done. Once it turned into an addiction, I deleted it and found more time to do actual wholesome things which made me forget all about it; thus realizing that the “need” for it was a trick of the mind.

4. The now not-so popular My Space was the defining popularity arena where having the most friends showed how important you are. Also, I do not feel that accepting every single friend request is necessary or even safe as it is. Not to mention, who really knows over 500 to a 1000 people? I have a hard time making plans with the real friends outside of the site as it is.

3. It is detrimental to inter-personal relationships of all kinds. One starts to wonder who that new friend is that our significant other added and makes us suspicious by engaging in cyber-stalking when they have a lot of activity on one another’s walls. Also, starting to test friendships based on them commenting on your posts, or not, can be problematic. I do not understand the need to keep a friendship with a recent ex- especially if things ended badly. It just makes the break up harder and more challenging to move on. I have heard that deleting a former lover is “petty” and “immature.” How so? If they do not want to be with you or in your world then there is no reason to give them access to your life via the cyberspace portal.

2. As far as keeping up with your friends, it is lazy and an excuse to not meet up with them in person to catch up and see how they are doing. While it is true that we live in a fast-paced society where our schedules are overwhelmed with work, school and the family, Facebook can hinder people’s desires to actually spend time with loved ones in face-to-face.

1. Lastly, but not least, we are all being conditioned to give up personal information and location of our whereabouts that are detrimental to our privacy, safety and eventual right to work where we want. Facebook asks every day “What is on your mind?” and we willingly express it for the world to read. In a world where surveillance is the current, naïvely-accepted norm, privacy has become a rare and sometimes laughable choice. When asked by some people why I am no longer on Facebook, they take my answers as not-up-with-the-times, backwards thinking combined with “baseless” paranoia. Yes, many argue that there are settings on Facebook accounts that can “protect” your posts and pictures from others, but I do not trust that corporations have the individual’s best interest at heart. There are rumors of an imminent martial law and police state regime to befall our country. If you have spent any time surfing the net reading about such supposed conspiracy theories, you would know that sites such as Facebook are vehicles that the government can use, if it is not already, to spy on its very own citizens for the sake of “national security.”

What if your new potential employer demanded that you log on to your profile right then and there to judge the kind of employee you would be? Perhaps those compromising photos and bluntly-put comments could turn off that employer from hiring you EVEN if the contents of your online activity have nothing to do with the position itself. That is exactly why they ask if you go by any other names or aliases on the job application. They use it to log on to your found account as part of the “background” check performed. Yes, the PATRIOT Act is still alive and well.


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    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 5 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      FB is so time-consuming. I for my part do not use it. But I am playing with the thought to make an account any way in order to promote my hubs. But in my opinion, FB is just another unnecessary thing that came up in our 21st century modernized world...