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Facebook Friends on Map

Updated on March 16, 2012

I have over 200 friends on Facebook. Many of those friends are actually my school friends and I never met them from last 8 years. It's only because of Facebook that now I am in touch with them. There are different stages of life and in each of these stages we meet different people. Facebook helps to connect all these people in our life. Life goes on and some persons move from one place to another, maybe because of education or job. People mostly change their cities in their own different stages of life.

I wanted to know now a days exactly where my all those 200 friends live on this earth? But, it's been difficult for me to go through the profiles of everyone and locate them on map. Then a thought about Facebook application came into my mind. There are thousands of Facebook applications and I was sure there should be the application based on this. I searched about locating the Facebook friends on map and then I found one best application. This application helped me to locate my Facebook friends on Map.

Facebook Friends on Map
Facebook Friends on Map

The name of the application is My Friend Map. After using this application, you get the picture of world map having the current position of your all Facebook friends located on it. The above world map shows where my friends are located? It's been very good to see that my friends are located all over India and world. You can also create one map like this. You just have to use My Friend Map application for Facebook.

This application have two modes, Normal Map View and Google Map View. Normal Map view also have different five color modes. This map also shows the Top Countries where your most of the friends currently live. So locate your Facebook friends on Map and share this Map on your wall. I hope you found this Hub Interesting. You may also like to share this hub with your friends on Facebook.


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